Friday 1 July 2022

June Recap & July Goals

Oh my goodness it's finally July! Or should that be already July? June dragged like heck but also how is it nearly the summer holidays already? June did not start off great for me. I'd been feeling really depressed and I've not been able to get a GP appointment at all. I've not been coping very well at all and staying in bed all day on my days off work, I've cried at work and just generally been a sad little bean. I was definitely due a week off! But to be fair, the last couple of weeks has been so much better!

We've had more quality time with Josh's family this month, including a family barbecue which was really nice! Josh and I took Charlie to Leysdown for the Jubilee. We went in the arcade, Charlie won an octopus teddy that he adores, we checked out the market and then headed to the beach. It was a really fun day - although Charlie had his diva moments for sure! We also spent a weekend at Legoland which was tons of fun.

June has definitely dragged like crazy but we've actually packed in so many activities and family time.

June Goals Recap

I definitely did this one! I got rid of a few items of mine and charlie's clothes this month. Not many mind, but enough to make a difference. I also got rid of a couple of bags that were no good to me anymore and some out of date medication. I also put some bits up for sale on shpock but I haven't had any luck getting rid of them yet!

Cut out fizzy drinks
I didn't do great at this one as I did have a fair few takeaways and got a coke every time. But I did spend less time in the corner shop than expected so I didn't buy myself many Cokes or Dr Peppers throughout the month. I did get a couple crates of coke from the Bargain Warehouse in Folkestone last weekend though, so Josh and I are making our way through those!

Stick to June Budget
I definitely did not stick to my June budget. As always, there's a post explaining where my money went!

I managed to read two books on my Kindle in June. I definitely could have read more so I'm not thrilled I only managed two but it's still better than none! I read The Boyfriend and The Rivals by Daniel Hurst. I really enjoyed The Boyfriend!

July Goals

July is going to be an exciting month, Charlie turns five! We've got his birthday/party to prepare for, presents to buy and wrap and then a holiday to pack for two days later! Although that's not until the very end of July anyway. I'm already looking forward to another week off work.

Stick to July Budget
Blog post about my budget for July is incoming!

Blog consistently
I have tons of ideas to work on this month so I want to make sure I make the time to write them up, and I also want to get better at consistently sharing my posts and scheduling promo tweets! I was meant to do that during my two weeks off in June but it just didn't happen.

I definitely want to get more reading done, I have downloaded tons of books onto my kindle and I'm running out of time on my free trial of Kindle Unlimited! I'm almost halfway through my Goodreads reading goal for the year too so I'd love to smash that this month.

Wish me luck! What are your goals for July?

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. I like that you shared that some goals didn't quite go as planned; I think it's encouraging to see this and know that sometimes we don't meet what we set ourselves (and that's okay); you set new ones or continue on and that it great! Wishing you well with your July ahead!

    1. Thank you! I literally never complete all my goals and I pride myself on being transparent about everything. Sometimes I want to set myself about 10 goals but I know I'd only manage 1 or 2 and then I'd discourage myself too much! X

  2. Good luck on your July goals! I think 2 books is absolutely fine to read in a month - I rarely read more than 2!

    1. Thank you! I think I managed 5 ebooks recently, so I'd love to reach a similar number this month. I'm partway through book number 1 so far but I won't beat myself up about it if I don't read more than that x