Monday 4 July 2022

July Budget

If you've read my June Budget recap, you'll know I spent a horrendous amount of money! My pay was basically what I expected - not terrible but could have been better - and now it's time to really knuckle down and curb my spending.

Income: £1,279.40

Money in account: £1,894.45

Phone bill: £26.13
General Savings: £50
Christmas Savings: £50
Credit card: £611

I need to buy birthday cake! It's Charlie's birthday/party this month and I still need to buy cake and balloons. I'm tempted to just buy a load of cakes from my friend Shan rather than get an expensive cake made up. Or buy a celebration cake or two from a supermarket...
I have already started buying him some gifts so I probably won't buy too many more. This birthday is already getting expensive! Thankfully, his party is the day after payday so that £180 I need to pay for the venue is next paydays problem...for this month, I'm budgeting £100 for Charlie's birthday.

It's also my sisters birthday this month and I need to figure out what to buy her! I want to get her something decent though so I think I'm going to budget £50.

Charlie also has a school friends birthday so I'm budgeting another £10.
Total birthday budget: £160

I need to pay my sister-in-law my share of the camping holiday this month. I owe her £130. I'm also going to get booked in for a full leg wax and under arm wax for the holiday! I bought some shorts specially for this holiday so it would be great to just be able to chuck them on without worrying what my legs look like! I believe both cost £23 together.
Total holiday budget: £153

I think I might go up to £30 a week for food, including takeaways. ASDA are taking Blue Light card discounts again and I still have an ASDA voucher for £15 so hopefully I can spend less than that a week!
Total food budget: £150

Debit Budget: £463
Such a random number! But it's less than my budget for last month so we'll see how I go. Obviously this doesn't include bills, savings or paying off my credit card.

Credit Budget: £200
I wasn't going to use my credit card this month but I'm bound to buy some random bits and bobs throughout the month and I'd rather use my credit card than have less in my bank account. I'm going to budget £200 and woe betide me if I spend more than that.
Total misc. credit budget: £200

Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Good luck! You can do it! It's great to break your money budgets down like this so you know exactly where you stand with your incomings and outgoings :)

    1. Thanks so much! It's definitely been helpful so far x