Monday 5 April 2021

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for School Holidays

I'm planning on doing a few different scavenger hunts with Charlie this easter break! I've listed three types of hunts I have come up with; Indoor, Outdoors and Rainbow!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt
* A toy with wheels
* A pair of matching socks
* 4 things that are green
* Something soft
* A toy smaller than your hand
* Something round
* A book with numbers in it
* A photo
* Your favourite teddy

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
* Something red
* Something yellow
* Something blue
* Something green
* Something orange
* Something purple

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
* Find 3 flowers
* Find a bug
* Find a bike or scooter
* Find a cat
* Find a stone
* Find a blue car

I can't wait to do these with Charlie this week!

Until next time,
Saph x

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