Saturday 4 December 2021

My Winter Skincare Routine | Blogmas 2021

My skincare routine changes all the time. I have noticed that my skincare products do tend to last at least one season, and because I like to see what suits my skin best, I do buy new products regularly! My current skincare routine may honestly be my favourite one to date. Spoiler alert: everything is from The Body Shop.

Step one: Lemon Face Wash
I am currently using the Body Shops Lemon Purifying face wash. I chose this one because I absolutely adore the scent of lemon and I had been getting quite oily, spotty skin recently so I figured what's best to get clean skin than a purifying face wash?!

I honestly didn't expect to love a face wash more than their Carrot one but I think the lemon just tops it for me! It smells great, leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and soft...what's not to love? I think this might be the face wash I use for the rest of my life.

Step Two: Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Face Mask
Usually I use the Himalayan Charcoal or Japanese Green Tea face mask, both of which I adore, but my skin has been feeling really sensitive to tea tree lately, so I decided to get try the almond milk and oats face mask for a change.

It's made especially for sensitive skin and my friend Ellie highly recommended it. Admittedly, it does kind of look and smell like porridge but it has been incredible for my skin! No sensitivity, and it reduced the redness and soreness of a particularly nasty spot after just a couple of uses!

I'm honestly kicking myself for not trying it sooner, I absolutely love it and it's my twice a week treat.

Step Three: Seaweed Toner
This is another product I bought to try and combat my oily skin and I really love it. I usually use the Vitamin E toner but I think I might be making a permanent swap to seaweed!

Step Four: Vitamin C SPF Day Cream
I don't especially like SPF creams because of the consistency, but I hear that SPF is the key to anti-ageing. Plus I don't want skin cancer if I can avoid it. 

We're supposed to wear SPF all year round and as I'm lazy when it comes to looking after myself, getting a daily moisturiser with SPF already in it was definitely one of my better ideas. I love the scent of this one too, it's got a lovely orange-y, citrus scent.

Step Five: Elderflower Eye Gel
My eyes always need a pick me up these days and I absolutely love the elderflower eye gel for that. It's unscented and perfect for sensitive eyes. I really feel like it perks my eyes up when they're feeling sore or tired.

What's in your winter skincare routine?

Until tomorrow,
Saph x

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  1. The seaweed toner is one of my absolute favourites, and possibly my favourite product from The Body Shop!

  2. There are some great suggestions here! I have been experimenting recently with some new products but haven't used them long enough to know if I like them or not. If they fall short of my expectations, I'll have to check out some of the options you've listed.