Thursday 16 December 2021

A Self Care Day | Blogmas 2021

I was feeling really down last Friday, I wasn't in a good place at all. I had a lot on my mind and I had already been feeling pretty emotional all week so I decided to have myself a self care day.

After dropping Charlie off at school, I made myself a nice cup of tea in my favourite cup, and caught up with my youtube subscriptions. I'm really liking Lauren Hollie and her vlogmas videos at the moment! I also watched Hearth Witch changing her Samhain altar to her Yule altar. I've never watched Hearth's altar videos before but it was actually really calming and nice! I'm definitely feeling a need to buy a new shelf for the bedroom and finally create myself an altar.

Once I was all caught up, I put on a Christmas film - Last Christmas - cleaned/tidied the bedroom, then straightened my hair and attempted to apply some makeup in an attempt to make myself feel better about my appearance. It kind of worked but also kind of didn't.

Once I was all made up, I made myself some lunch, and then painted my nails while watching Single All the Way. I thought it was the LGBTQ+ version of Holidate but it wasn't quite. It was a really cute film and I'll definitely be watching it again!

Before I knew it, it was time to go get Charlie from school and get ready for his first trip to the cinema, adn by then I was feeling a little better. It was really nice to try and forget about my problems for a day and just concentrate on myself and my needs.

What does a self care day look like for you?

Until tomorrow,
Saph x

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