Monday 6 December 2021

An Autumn Walk in Cromers Wood | Blogmas 2021

A couple weekends ago I was feeling particularly bored. I'd been up since 7 or 7:30 that morning, had done loads of things and come lunchtime, I was crying of boredom. Josh had been playing Call of Duty all morning, so I decided to convince him to come for a walk with me and Charlie once he'd next died or whatever happens in C.O.D. Thankfully he agreed, and we set off to Cromers Wood.

Unfortunately, once we'd got there I realised I had forgotten Charlie's coat. Which really annoyed me because I swear I had it and it was cold, and it was too far away to go home just for a coat. Josh didn't have his either and I only had a thin one, but we all agreed that walking would warm us up. I did give Charlie my scarf though, so at least he was a little more protected from the cold.

Josh decided to take his camera out for a walk too, and took lots of lovely photos of our walk. I got to take some photos of Josh and Charlie with it as well, and although I didn't take many, it did make me miss having a DSLR. Some days I do wish I'd continued down the photography career route!

I love Cromers Wood! 

Until tomorrow, 
Saph x

3 yorum:

  1. The walk looks so nice! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time and would really love to visit these woods, they look dreamy! Lovely pictures too x

  3. This looks like such a beautiful place to get out and enjoy some fresh air. We are currently checking out the different trails around our area and there are a few that are somewhat similar to this. It's such a great way to unplug and just 'be' in the moment!