Monday 7 March 2022

Money Saving Challenges I'm Doing in 2022

I'm all about saving money this year. 2022 is the year of being frugal! Kind of. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying. Anyway, here are the four money saving challenges I'm currently attempting.

Cash Budgeting

This year I'm attempting to use cash instead of just tapping my card where possible! I find I'm much less likely to spend more if I have cash on me, as I don't have the security of knowing I have more money available if I need it!

Low Spend Challenges
As well as using cash, I'm also trying to go more days without spending anything. I have some tips available if you'd like to see how I'm trying to help myself manage this! So far my longest streak without buying anything is x days.

£1 per Book Read
This one is actually my hardest challenge as I'm not reading much this year! But every time I finish a book, I add £1 into my savings account.

Saving for Christmas
I decided to help myself this year, and start up a savings account purely for Christmas shopping later this year. Every pay day, I'm aiming to add at least £50 into it until I start shopping for gifts. I usually start anywhere between September-November so I should have at least £450 saved by then!

What money savings challenges do you do? Would any of these help you save? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Using cash instead of card is an underrated trick to save money, a piece of plastic doesn't register how much we are actually spending till its all gone!

    For me I'm putting aside extra money for a big 40th birthday holiday for my wife - so for example whenever I sell stuff on ebay I put the cash aside in a separate account.