Friday 19 November 2021

Diary Entry #26 | Deck the Halls

 I am actually feeling really festive this year?! Over the last five years, since my Dad passed away. I've really struggled to feel excited for Christmas. However, something has flipped the Christmas lights on inside me and I'm genuinely excited for the festive season.

I started Christmas shopping in September I think, so I'm basically done already. It helps that both my family and Josh's family now do Secret Santa, so I only have two main people to buy for, plus Josh and my nieces and nephew. There's no pressure to buy gifts from Charlie to others this year either, even though I feel guilty for it. I might see if I can get them a little something...

I want to go to as many Christmas events as possible this year. I really want to go to Rochester's Christmas market and the Christmas at Leeds Castle event. I'm genuinely having to fight with myself to not put my Christmas jumper on already. I'm so psyched for Christmas jumper day in a few weeks! I can't decide whether to buy at least one more jumper or not. I have treated myself to a Christmas t-shirt and tote bag from Sew Totes though...

The only thing I'm gutted about is that my family is having to do Christmas really early this year - December 4th. I've really had to rush shopping and it sucks that that'll probably be the last time I see everyone at once this year. Not to mention that Charlie will be spending Christmas with his dad for the first time since we moved out of the area this year. I'm dreading it. I started planning what I was going to put in his Christmas Eve box and then nearly cried when I remembered he won't be home with me to enjoy it! I'll probably still make it up though so he can have a little something from me.

Are you excited for Christmas this year? Let me know either way in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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