Monday 22 November 2021

House-Sitting | Pros & Cons

If you read my 25th diary entry, you'll know that I've just spent the last week house/pet-sitting for my sister in law. Honestly, I really enjoyed it and it was a lovely way to break up my normal routine! But, as with anything, there are some pros and cons to it...


Always scared of accidentally breaking something
Or if not me, then Charlie breaking something. Or drawing on the walls. Or spilling food or drink. I'm getting stressed just thinking about it.

Having to figure out where everything is kept
but not wanting to look too hard in case I find something I wish I hadn't.
It took me four whole days to notice a tea towel on the side. Which was definitely something I could have done with noticing four days earlier.

Forgetting to lock the door
Every time I left the flat I had to put the key in the door to lock it. I'm not used to that, I'm used to doors automatically locking when they're shut, as they should. I also had to lock it every night before bed.

Alone time
I've been feeling really overwhelmed and over emotional lately, so I think a proper bit of alone time in the week, not having to worry about anyone coming home until I had to collect Charlie from school was just what I needed. It was absolute bliss.

Living on less
My inner minimalist was absolutely thrilled to live on so little for a week. In fact, I actually ended up over packing, and still had tons of clean, unworn clothes left in my suitcase because I tend to wear tops or jeans more than once a week.

Being able to shower or bath whenever I want
Nobody else there? Nobody to wait around for. 

I hadn't even finished packing or cleaning before I started missing being there. I really miss my independent woman, holiday-home days! I honestly think that the day Josh and I buy a house will be the happiest day of my life. 

Do you house-sit for anyone? What are your pros or cons? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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