Thursday 10 June 2021

Wildwood Trust | Photo Diary

While I was staying with my Mum, we went to Wildwood! Wildwood is one of our favourite places to go - especially for my stepdad. 

As one of the leading British animal conservation charities in the UK, Wildwood Trust is dedicated to protecting, conserving and rewilding Britain’s wildlife. Wildwood Trust has taken part in many ground-breaking conservation programmes to date, which include, saving the water vole, using wild horses to help restore Kent’s most precious nature reserves, bringing the extinct European beaver back to Britain and returning the hazel dormouse and red squirrel to areas where they have been made extinct!

How cute is this Arctic Fox?! It was the sweetest little thing and came right up to the fence to pose for photos. In front of another couple unfortunately so this was the closest I got, but it was still so cute!

Charlie loved walking across the rope bridge over the bear enclosure! We couldn't see the bears but Charlie loved the bridge so much he wanted to go across it twice.

Charlie loved howling at the wolves.

I'm honestly so surprised by the amount of animals we could actually see that day. We were all prepared to see hardly any because of the rain but I think I saw more animals that day than the first I went four years ago! 

Until next time,
Saph x

5 yorum:

  1. Ah it looks like a fun day despite the rain - always find the animals are more ready to come out in the rain as they assume the humans won't! X

  2. Oh this looks like my kind of place, what fantastic work they do!! :) I love the wolves and the Arctic fox :) xx

    Holly |

  3. This looks like such an amazing place to visit -- I'd love to go there!

  4. Oh wow, this looks like such a fun place to spend a day! You guys saw so many great animals x

    mia //

  5. Looks so much fun! We recently took Leo to a wildlife park near us! Can't wait to take him when he's a bit older and can see more things!

    Corinne x