Saturday 1 December 2018

November Round Up & December Goals

Well November is already over and Christmas is nearly here. Ugh. HOW HAS THIS YEAR GONE SO FAST?! It has literally flown by, where have the days gone? Buut, anyway, time to discuss November. 

November was interesting. I felt like I spent the whole month panicking about buying Christmas presents. I have already finished my shopping though - I think! Now I just need to panic about getting them all wrapped and tagged. I did also have to buy some new glasses after Charlie broke mine. There are only so many times you can glue frames back together before it becomes a lost cause. Lots of expenses I could have done without this month, not going to lie. 

November Goals...How Did I Do? 

Lose as much as a stone
Meal plan
Daily exercising
Fill in my food diary/exercise log
Umm...nope. The only one I semi-accomplished was meal planning. I managed to do it for two weeks! But they weren't even consecutive weeks. I didn't exercise every day, I didn't use my log and if anything I think I gained weight last month. But my scales ran out of battery and I haven't replaced them yet so who knows. All I know is that I'm very unhappy with myself at the moment. Saying that, I have made a conscious effort to cut down on how much tea I drink this week, so I'm hoping to see a difference from that soon! 

Continue Budgeting 
I tried to use my budget planner but I honestly kept forgetting to fill it in. It really doesn't help that I have to hide all my pens from Charlie, and then they go missing and uugghh. I may have to go back to using the Wallet app!

Keep Up With My Hobbies
Actually, out of all the hobbies I have, I only kept up/restarted one of them! I actually did a little mini photoshoot with Charlie and it was so much fun! Quite stressful as well, as we were out and it was just me trying to keep him under control, not lose the pram or break the camera! I haven't been able to look at the photos on my laptop yet but I think I got some pretty good ones! 

I did really want to write, and even bought myself some new notebooks specifically for writing but every time I went to start, my mind just went blank. Maybe this month?

I literally only started reading this weekend! I just didn't read this month?! I kept wanting to, but unfortunately having unlimited data is proving difficult to leave alone, and Netflix and YouTube have won every time! I'm genuinely quite disappointed in myself, and might have to put the phone down for often this month! I think that will be easier now I have started a new book. I have also installed the Forest app, and that's definitely been helping me stay off my phone a bit more this week! 

Complete Cardigan Jezebels PAD
Hahahah I didn't complete it but I did better than I expected! I actually managed to post seven days in a row which I'm quite happy with. Maybe next time! 

23 While I'm 23 
As a bonus, I did actually make a start on something from my 23 While I'm 23 list. I created a Youtube video! I bought myself a little phone tripod and got to work on my first video. I'm really happy with it, and would appreciate it if you could go give it a watch/thumbs up/subscribe! I have plenty of videos to edit and publish this week, so keep an eye out for them!

I've been having a lot of fun playing around with eyeshadow this month, and have been feeling pretty extra (for me personally) wearing six different shadows at once for a change! Cam on YouTube is the inspiration behind it, and you should definitely check her out if you want to have a look at some bomb af looks and need a laugh. I've got my eye on a couple more palettes, as I only have two at the moment - I just treated myself to a gorgeous glitter gel palette - and there's only so many looks I can create with a relatively neutral palette. But I'm still having fun trying! I can't wait to try out the glittery one. 
My favourite look!

I also managed to blog daily for fifteen days straight in November! I'm a little sad I couldn't keep it going (the burn out was real) but I'm so proud of myself for managing a full fifteen days, especially as I decided to do it on a whim! 

December Goals

For December, I really just want to continue with November's goals, not leave wrapping Christmas presents until Christmas Eve and cross at least one more off my 23 While I'm 23 list! 

I asked Mum for ideas for a "big" goal this month...she said to get into the Christmas spirit! So I guess that's what I'm going to do. The last few years I've felt quite negative about Christmas, so this year I'm going to try and be a bit less Bah Humbag and a bit more Ho Ho Ho. We have got all the family coming round specially, I should make the effort! Mum and I even went to the Christmas Market today, and (just about) heard the St John's Ambulance Brass Band play this afternoon! We were planning to watch the lantern parade and Christmas Lights Switch On but we were both so tired and stressed by the time it was due to start - Charlie had been playing up all afternoon and we were so fed up. So we went home for a cuppa and doughnuts instead. 

What are your plans or goals for December? Let me know in the comments! 

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