Monday 17 December 2018

The Cheapest Ways to Travel Abroad | Guest Post by Astrid Halliday

Wanderlust is something that many people have, wanting to travel the world and see more countries, but unfortunately lacking the funds. Many people don’t know that travelling the world doesn’t need to break the bank. There are many ways to see the world on a budget.

Here are my five ways to travel for less:

Avoid The ‘Holiday Mentality’
Many times, when brits travel abroad, they have a different mentality and splash all of the cash. Try and remember how you act at home.

If you were trying to save money at home, you wouldn’t go out and eat in cafes and restaurants for every meal. The easiest way to save money whilst travelling abroad is to cook for yourself, rather than eating out. You can easily enjoy three tasty meals a day for no more than £3. Whereas when eating out every day, a coffee alone will cost this much.

The same goes for walking to destinations rather than getting taxis, if it is a long distance look at the local busses or consider hitchhiking.

Generally being frugal as you would at home, keep track of expenses, save all of your leftover money and never impulse buy.

Volunteering Abroad
Long term volunteering is one of the most affordable ways of travelling. There are many low-cost volunteering organizations, many of which even lower the cost the longer you stay, with project fees starting from £10 a week.

If you hang around for long enough on a project, often you can take on more responsibility and stay for free or even get a stipend.

I have volunteered with Original Volunteersand found them very affordable. Volunteer options are also listed on World Packersand similar websites.

Many volunteer organisations do accept children and can often accommodate them in the same school or project you are working at each day, so there is no need for childcare.

House Sitting
Spacious and comfortable accommodation for free! Gone are the days of climbing ladders into bunk beds in a cramped hostel rooms. Homeowners keep their houses secure whilst they travel by inviting house sitters to come and maintain it.

As a house sitter, the responsibility of the house falls onto your shoulders, but it is not a hardship, usually just looking after the plants and any pets they have, whilst keeping the place tidy.

Not the most attractive form of accommodation, it is completely different to staying in a hostel or house. Get back to basics and have a go at camping in unique destinations. Campspace allows you to find interesting campsites away from the traditional fields, enjoying the outdoors in unusual spaces. Campspace also includes space to camp in peoples back gardens. I was always offered breakfast and a hot drink. Despite me insisting to contribute something, surprisingly the hospitality was free.

Work Abroad
The best way to travel affordably is to earn an income whilst you travel. There are many ways to earn on the go, the main one being teaching English. These are usually organised before travel on websites like ESL Jobs. Teaching positions are available all over the world, however the majority of job posts are for Asia. A degree is not required for all jobs, although schools which don’t require a degree may pay less.

There are other ways to make money whilst travelling including: becoming a tour guide, blogging or working seasonally in resorts.

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