Monday 13 August 2018

Goals for 2018 | Update

Back in January (it feels like it was SO long ago) I decided to make some goals for the year. Now we're eight months in, I feel they need tweaking a bit. 

My Original Goals

Improve Blog Photography 
Honestly at this point I don't really care about my photography. I'm starting to accept that I suck at taking photos of THINGS and am much better with portraiture and landscapes. So I'm either going to try and get out with my camera more for some awesome landscapes, or maybe improve my graphics work. I guess we'll find out soon. 

Learn to drive/pass tests 
I still really want to do driving lessons this year but with my current financial situation it's just not feasible. Maybe one day, but probably not this year. 

Reach 700 Instagram Followers 
As for instagram, it's kind of the same as my blog photography. I can't really be bothered to make an effort, and even when I do, my photos still suck. I enjoy watching and making stories, but I'm not so bothered by the figures anymore. 

These are just the ones listed in my blog post, but my bullet journal actually has a few more! 
  • Lose baby weight and get fit
  • Learn sign language 
  • Write short stories 
These are all goals I would still like to complete, however, I may swap learning sign language/makaton to another year. Perhaps when Charlie is a little older. Unless of course, I manage to find another course for it. I did get put onto the wait list for makaton at my local children's centre, but I still haven't heard anything about it yet. We'll see! 

My New Goals 
I will keep hold of those last three goals, but I feel my others need tweaking. 

Read 12 books 
I bought a whole bunch of new books, I joined Goodreads and I have been LOVING reading. I know I keep banging on about it in my goals posts but I just love reading so much. I'm already over halfway through my goal, so I'll probably be upping it before long!

Talk more on insta stories 
I usually go to talk on insta stories, record a whole bunch of clips, and then the sound doesn't work when I post I guess I just have to be brave and post them straight away rather than attempt to record, save, post! I would also like to post more while I'm out-and-about - not that I do anything, ever - but I'm quite shy about taking photos in public. That needs to stop! 

Beat last year's blog views 
This one is inspired by Jess. She tweeted that she'd love to beat last year's views on her blog, and it made me really curious about mine! I actually had just over 2,000 pageviews last year! I'm currently sitting at 1.4k...I'd love to reach 2.3k, but even if I match last years I'd be happy! Luckily, I have lots of content planned, so I'm fairly confident I can do this.

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