Monday 7 August 2017

5 Gifts For The Mum-To-Be*

As a Mum to Be I thought I would be showered with gifts a bit more than I was. Pregnancy is hard, both physically and mentally, and I wouldn't have said no to a gift every now and then! Maybe I'm just being selfish but I'm willing to bet there are other Mums out there that thought the same thing! 

I fell in love with UncommonGoods when I discovered them, and I couldn't resist browsing through their gifts for baby showers, bridesmaids, and even their section for men took my interest! If I could go back in time; there's five things in particular I would be aggressively hinting at to make my pregnancy just a little more bearable. 

1. Bedside Essentials Pocket
 It doesn't take long before reaching for things becomes basically impossible, and spending time stuck to the bed or sofa becomes boring; so having this pocket handy and permanently packed with books, tissues and snacks would have been ideal for me!

2. Pregnancy Journal 
A boredom buster and a lovely way to keep notes during pregnancy! Even though I had my scrapbook; I think this would have been a much easier option, and so pretty too!

3. Lavender Scented Heat Pillow 
Aches and pains were the bane of my life and didn't do anything to help me sleep. Lavender is proven to aid sleep and popping this pillow in the microwave is bound to help you relax and soothe sore muscles. 

4. Sweet Treat Hand Cream Set
 My hands were insanely dry throughout pregnancy and these hand creams sound too delicious to refuse! With scents of buttercream, caramel cappuccino, coconut and pink champagne, I would have smelt good enough to eat. Or at least make me crave something I shouldn't. 

5. Upcycled Silk Sari Kimono
 I would have loved this kimono to relax on the sofa in, especially once it became too hot for dressing gowns! 

Not only do they stock incredible products but also their brand in general is a-mazing. UncommonGoods are constantly working towards being environmentally friendly. They feature products that contain recycled components and won't sell anything that contains leather, feathers or fur! Cruelty-free goods? Um, yes please! 

What unique gifts caught your eye?

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  1. Although I'm not a mum and really don't plan to be for a while, this is such a handy list to keep in mind for baby showers etc. I know so many people at the moment who are starting their own families and these gifts would be perfect for them! Lovely post, and incredibly helpful.
    -El x