Sunday 31 October 2021

Birthday Haul & November Goals

Happy November! Whew this year really is flying by isn't it?! I started my Christmas shopping in September and I'm feeling quite confident that I will finish it this month! I only really have my nieces and nephews to buy for now.

Last week my sister, nephew and brother in law came up to visit us and we went to my local country park to join in with the Halloween door/character hunt. It was a very long walk but luckily the sun was shining and it was so lovely! It was so cute watching Charlie and William run around together too.

It was my birthday last Friday - I am officially 26! I have definitely had some mixed feelings about it,  mainly leaning towards the negative side. But it's another year of life and another reason to celebrate! I had a very low-key birthday, mostly spent getting lots of cuddles from Charlie and I received some incredible gifts.

The following day, Josh took us to Bluewater and I treated myself to some new clothes that were desperately needed.

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself that I managed to cross off 11 items from my 26 by 26 Birthday Bucket List! I also managed to half-accomplish another 3. Maybe by my birthday next year I can finish off the list?

Samhain was fab this year! I lit my memorial candle for Dad, as well as my warm apple pie candle. We also took Charlie trick or treating for the first time and he absolutely loved it! Some of the houses around here were decorated so amazingly. We ended up walking round for 3 hours! 

November Goals

Spend less time on Animal Crossing
I spent some time on Animal Crossing every single day for over two months as part of my birthday bucket list. It was a lot. I know there's a new update coming soon but it was a real chore trying to play every day! I think from now on I'll just play it as and when I like...

I have two books I've been meaning to read and a bunch of samples saved to my Kindle. I need to get some reading done this month!

30 Days of Decluttering
Myself and Josh did a huge decluttering session one day during October but for me, it wasn't enough and there's still tons to go through! Especially after receiving so many gifts for my birthday and having Christmas coming up. It's going to be all systems go. I'll have a post coming about the challenge on Friday!

What are your goals for the new month?

Until next time,
Saph x

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