Friday 5 November 2021

30 Day Minimalism Challenge

I have been decluttering every month or so since I was about three months pregnant four years ago but my spending habits mean I still have accumulated a whole load of stuff over the years. I am completely fed up with there always being things everywhere to tidy up and put away, so I am putting myself on a 30 day Minimalism challenge this month.

I have created this challenge just for me, but if any of it resonates please feel free to join in with me and change any items to accommodate your needs!

1. Evaluate current spending habits and work out a budget for the month

2. Odd Sock Bag
We have a bag hanging on our bedroom door specifically for odd socks to go in after washing. It's been overflowing for months and it's definitely overdue a sort out!

3. Underwear drawer
Again, bursting. I know I have underwear that desperately need throwing away because they're beyond rescuing.

4. Charlie's shoes
Charlie definitely has more shoes than he needs now, especially now that Summer is over and he will have outgrown his sandals by next summer.

5. My Shoes
I live in the same few pairs of shoes all year round and yet I still seem to have a lot of shoes. TIme for some to go!

6. Charlie's toys
Christmas is coming and Charlie still plays with the same few toys. I think we'll be replacing most of his toys with Lego this year.

7. My Wardrobe
I have recently done a fair bit of clothes shopping as I'm starting to absolutely hate my wardrobe again. Time for a purge!

8. Stay offline for 24 hours
This one will be easier said than done, but lately my sleep schedule has been really awful because I just can't stay offline! TikTok and Pinterest have me up all night.

9. Paper Clutter
I have a file folder in Joshs wardrobe absolutely stuffed with paper. I need to go through and reorganise.

10. Junk drawer #1
I have two drawers in my dressing table and they're both full to the brim with stuff.

11. Junk drawer #2
See above.

12. Under bed storage
I literally do not even know what's under there, all I know is that it's overflowing.

13. No spend for 24 hours

14. Clean
Dust, hoover, change bedding, tackle any stains on the carpet.

15. Repeat all steps for the next 15 days! See also; meditation, journaling, getting outside.

I will be journaling my progress so definitely expect an update in December! I haven't necessarily written this in the exact order I'm going to do it - except item one. I have just listed the areas I specifically want to tackle and may do whatever task is calling me on that particular day, as I will have work, parenting and general procrastination to work around.

If you would like more Minimalism or Simple Living Ideas, feel free to check out all of My Minimalism Journey posts and I also have a Pinterest board that I love to refer to often!

Wish me luck and let me know in the comments if you're going to join in/do your own minimalism challenge this month!

Until next time,
Saph x

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