Monday 29 November 2021

December Goals

December is just two days away and then I can finally rejoice in the Christmas spirit, let's get the tree up, Christmas songs on and wear Christmas jumpers all month long, let's go!!

November has been an interesting month. I no longer work in childcare and spent a whole two weeks looking for a new job while trying not to spiral into a big depression slump. It was hard work, and I barely survived but I did it! Plus, later in December I will officially be working with vulnerable young adults and I absolutely cannot wait. I fully expected to still be job hunting at Christmas so I nearly burst into tears when I was offered the job while still in the interview. I'm still in disbelief!

As for my goals this month, I didn't do too badly! I still played Animal Crossing a lot but not daily, and I managed to read two books! I didn't quite manage to keep up with my minimalism challenge but I will write a post dedicated to that. Now, onto my goals for December!

Complete my Christmas 2021 Bucket List
Currently my Christmas bucket list consists of just four things:
  • Get Drunk (unless I'm working)
  • Go to Leeds Castle event thing
  • Go Ice skating
  • Watch tons of Christmas films
I'm determined to enjoy the festive season as much as possible this year! Charlie will be spending Christmas day with his dad this year so as long as I'm not rota'd in to work Christmas day, I will be getting drunk by lunch time.

Read Three Books
I'm really enjoying reading again lately, and want to get as much reading done before the end of the year! My Goodreads goal was 20 books but I'm currently sitting at 23. Even just getting to 25 would be amazing. Especially as I don't know yet when my start date is, I'm going to be using all my free time to read.

Celebrate Yule
Yule is still a Wiccan Sabbat I haven't celebrated yet, so I'd love to this year! I'm hoping to treat myself to a Yule Spell Kit  from wiccatree crafts soon too, or at least one of her Yule candles. Everything on the shop looks incredible!

What are your goals for the festive season?

Until next time,
Saph x

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