Friday 8 October 2021

Bullet Journal Tour | Part 2

My original bullet journal for 2021 has officially run out of pages, just in time for October! I'm trying to reduce my notebook collection, so instead of buying a brand new notebook, I decided to use one my friend Ellie got me. I originally used the notebook for daily manifesting, but like most things, I lost interest after a week. Fingers crossed this notebook lasts me until the end of the year!

I decided against an opening page or adding my goals for the year. Mainly because I have given up on most of them...instead I started with my 26 by 26 bucket list, 30 day challenge and even a section for my Animal Crossing plans. I have recently restarted my island and I want to plan out my new layout properly this time.

There's a lot I decided to leave out of this journal, including my wishlist and blog post ideas. I've found I've not really been referring to them over the year so why waste precious pages? Otherwise, there's a lot I've left the same. I still have my monthly goals/brain dump pages, weekly to do list and then a daily section.

I will definitely be adding to the brain dump pages over the month, and I may choose to decorate the pages more with stickers or doodles, but I'm really liking the simplicity of my journal for now.

Do you use a daily journal? Let me know how you use it in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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