Friday 14 July 2023

Being More 'Me' | Part 12

Have you noticed that most of my Being More "Me" posts have been about my hair so far? I don't know why, but apparently my hair is a big part of my identity. Probably because I've struggled with it one way or another my whole life! From bad home haircuts as a kid to constantly being told to straighten my curls as a teen by friends.

I first started dyeing my hair at 16, when I finally managed to convince my Mum to let me dye it a slightly different shade of brown for my school leavers Prom. I've always hated my natural hair colour, it's just so dull and boring! 

As I mentioned in Part 11 of this series, I have been many different colours over the years. Late last year I gave bleaching at home a try for the first time. I loved it but also it was pretty awful at the same time. The box said it had toner but it just didn't, and yeah, it just wasn't a great look. I couldn't be bothered trying to fix it and after a month or so, I gave up and dyed my hair brown again.
I literally have not dyed it since. I was strongly debating just not bothering with dyeing it again and letting my natural brown grow out. But after about 13 weeks of growth, I couldn't stand it anymore and I bought more dye.

It took me so long to decide on a colour. I've been thinking about going for a more red tone, I've been considering going full on blue (Charlie was very much for the blue) but while I was shopping on Superdrug, I saw a colour I went two summers ago and absolutely loved. I debated it for a long time but I thought sod it, I want to be light for the summer months. Plus, as I'm trying to get a new job, I don't think turning up to interviews with blue hair would be a great first impression.

I ordered my trusty Tangerine Twist by Schwartzkopf. I literally couldn't wait to get it on.

It wasn't as bright/bold as I thought it would be. It says it lightens while it develops but I think to get it truly orange, I'll have to bleach it and I'm just not willing to do that at home again. A week later, it had completely faded on my lengths and was looking a lot more of a natural ginger on my roots. So, I have officially given up again! I do think I will just stick to not colouring my hair anymore, or I may go to a salon and get balayage done again at some point. I'd like to say I won't dye my hair anymore to save money but I get bored too quickly! 

I've also said in previous 'Me' posts that short hair is my style but I'm honestly feeling the need to grow my hair long again, and just start taking better care of it. I have been using products lately that have massively improved my hair quality so I'm hoping I can get away without cutting it for a while, unless I want a specific style. I've been thinking about getting a shag but I think my hair is too short for that currently. I did get a trim this week so my hair is at it's healthiest again, although I'm not happy with how she cut it at all. 

I also very much regret getting the undercut back in January. Sure, I thought I loved it at first but I don't think I pull it off as well as I thought I did and I've spent the last 5 months growing it out. I could be tempted by one on the nape of my neck again but definitely not on the side ever again.

Lessons learnt lately: stop buying Schwarzkopf, and don't go back to that hairdresser!

Until next time,
Saph x

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