Tuesday 4 April 2023

5 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Decorating

Whether you’re redecorating your bathroom, living room, or kids' room, things can get stressful much sooner than you expect. Indeed, many an argument has occurred debating which shade of blue is best or how to successfully attach the skirting boards without ruining the carpets. However, decorating is supposed to be fun, so how can you take the stress out of decorating your home? Consider these five tips for some inspiration. 

Don’t Be Too Ambitious 

It’s easy to feel like you can take on any home improvement project with ease, but the reality is that you’ll quickly realise whether you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Being too ambitious is arguably the biggest stress trigger for homeowners and even risks ruining your home as you’re eventually too far gone before you understand you can't do it all. This home decor guide can help you approach your project with confidence and hopefully plan each step in detail.

Get A Professional to Help 
Some projects are also far too demanding, or you may not have the skills or knowledge to do them correctly. Rather than risk it and end up paying for a professional anyway, hiring a professional from the off will ease plenty of stress. You are better off using professionals for electrical or plumbing needs, but you can also use a blinds fitter if you’re uneasy on a step ladder. 

Give Yourself A Suitable Timeline 

Every project comes with a timeline, but outlining this timeline will make things much easier. As long as you have a timeline, you can keep track of your progress and how it aligns with your original plans. However, just because it feels like you have lots of time doesn’t mean you can take forever, so stay on task and maintain momentum, especially early on or you’ll never finish your project on time. 

Don’t Worry About Perfection

Everyone wants their project to be perfect, but perfect doesn’t always work out how you want it to. If this is your first project, you shouldn’t stress over making things perfect, especially since your home may look messier, anyway. If you aren’t a professional, you’ll struggle to make it perfect, so don’t stress over small details that others won’t notice anyway, because it will only make you wonder what you could have done instead. 

Make It Fun 

As long as you’re not using power tools, you can make your decorating project fun to alleviate the stress and make things more enjoyable. You can involve your kids if they are old enough. Just make sure they don’t run through the house covered in paint. Challenging each other to paint a wall as quickly as possible or writing notes to one another when they leave the room will make the days go by much faster, too.

Stress-Free Decorating 

While stress-free decorating may seem like a distant dream, these tips can make it a little easier to keep cool and ensure you get the best results from your home improvement project. From bedrooms to bathrooms and everything in between, consider these tips the next time you feel like decorating your home.

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