Friday 28 April 2023

May Goals & April Recap

April was a bit of a flop for goals if I'm honest. I didn't go swimming, I didn't earn any extra money (well, I kind of did) and I didn't get a tattoo or booked into the salon. It's just been that kind of month.

I was doing well-ish for money, and I had earned £25 in the first 5 days of the Side Hustle Challenge. But then I was hit by an unexpected bill and I was £60-odd pound into my overdraft. I was absolutely devastated. I immediately text Josh and asked him for help, even if it was just to send me enough money to get me out of the overdraft. He did, thankfully. 
I managed to pull a bit of money together by cancelling my tattoo appointment. I also did an overtime shift at work but it was annoyingly nearly two weeks before I got paid for it. I have barely been getting by this month and I hated having to put so much pressure on Josh to pay for my bills, and our weekly shopping on top of his own massive bills. I have been holding onto so much guilt this month.

May Goals
I'm really hoping for a better month this May. I've got a family event this Friday, so I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and partying.

Budget - and stick to it!
I will be double and triple checking that my bills are coming out monthly as they should be this month, and knuckling down on unnecessary spending. 

Lose 5lbs
I will probably go into more detail in another post but my gynaecologist wants me to lose a significant amount of weight in 10 months. I've already sort of started but I'm going to make a full plan and try to stick to it. I've also started a fitness group chat on Twitter which I'm hoping will keep me motivated.

Have More Fun
I've been really depressed again this month, so I want to try and let loose this May and have more fun. Although that isn't to say I haven't had some good times in April! 

Declutter & Redecorate
I've been feeling the need to declutter for ages now but not really made a move to start! We've also decided to make a start on redecorating the house, so I think a good declutter is in need as well if we're redecorating.

What are your goals for May? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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