Friday 24 September 2021

Mabon & How I Celebrated

I celebrated the Autumn Equinox for the first time this week! Autumn is a time of balance, Mabon is when the harvest is completed and we look forward to the impending winter as a time of death, rebirth and transformation. Mabon is a day of being grateful and giving thanks. The Autumn Equinox is when we allow ourselves to begin to transform into our fullest selves.

I have definitely been feeling the need for change again lately, and the reminder that Mabon was coming up was the perfect opportunity to explore that further. Autumn is also my favourite season (alongside Spring) so it only seemed right to get back into the swing of rituals with Mabon. Weirdly, when I checked one of my books to read about Mabon, the Mabon section had already been bookmarked but I've never fully read into it! Fate? I think so.

Mabon is celebrated for one day, usually somewhere between the 21st-24th September. It took me a while to realise that, so I accidentally celebrated it for four full days. Better too long than not at all, right? I decided to do an Autumn decluttering session, and tried to declutter some items every day to prepare for the coming festive months. I decluttered 36 items in total!

I wore my new Triple Moon Goddess necklace every day and painted my nails white and brown. Every day I burned my gorgeous new Warm Apple Pie candle that I bought from The Range back in August and I even went hunting for pinecones with Charlie after school.

I made a list of things I am grateful for in my grimoire, including the new friends I have made recently and all their support, and the opportunity I have been given to learn new skills in my job.

I really enjoyed celebrating Mabon, the only thing is that I wish I hadn't been ill, or at work so I could have spent more time out in nature. I did make a point of having my lunch outside on Mabon though, so I will count that as a win.

How did you celebrate Mabon this year?

Blessed be,
Saph x

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