Monday 21 September 2020

Center Parcs | Longleat Forest

Our first holiday! We'd been thinking about Center Parcs for ages, and we finally thought "sod it, we're going!" Monday morning we packed up the car and headed off. We also found out that Stonehenge is on the way, so we planned to stop off there too. However once we got closer, we decided to get straight to the Parc. I did snap a photo of Stonehenge as we passed it though!

We got to the Parc around 2pm. Although we're not allowed in our accommodation before 4pm, we are allowed on site to explore. I'm so glad we decided to get there for 2pm, as it gave us a chance to figure out how long it would take us to get to our activities everyday! We would get there quicker if we had got our bikes sooner, but as I'd only had one practice session, it wasn't worth bringing them. We did however, pack Charlie's scooter so at least in theory we could get there without him dawdling behind us or moaning to be carried!

We made it down to the beach and boathouse and wow, what a view! Charlie loved kicking the sand about and he got the nearby park to himself for a bit. It was the happiest he'd been since we got there. Once we'd soaked in the view it was time to head back to the car and take our stuff to the lodge.

I immediately fell in love with the place and wanted to live there forever. If I could pick it up and move it, I would! It was a huge, gorgeous open space and although the kitchen was small, it was perfect. There was even a wine cooler which we enjoyed very much for our cans of coke. Not joking.

We ordered in burgers and fries for dinner from Huck's and they were easily the nicest burgers and fries I've ever had in my life, I'm going to be thinking about that meal for a very long time!

Day One

Our holiday officially started on Tuesday, and our first activity booked was a pedalo ride for half an hour. We headed down to the boathouse and got in. Charlie wasn't especially impressed, mostly because he was in the front by himself and we were in the back pedalling.

The view was absolutely breathtaking though, Josh and I absolutely loved it. It was disappointing it only lasted 30 minutes!

Next we headed to the beach and had a little paddle with the fish while we waited for our adventure golf time slot to roll round.

Charlie didn't quite get the hang of golf and kept stealing my ball to put it straight in the hole. Either way, he had fun!

We went back to our lodge to have lunch and relax for a bit before getting ready to go swimming. We were all so excited for swimming, Josh and I love swimming and Charlie gets mega excited over any form of water. As soon as we got into the pool Charlie started practicing his kicking - it was so cute! I would have loved to have got some photos, but I'll just have to try hard to hold onto the memories instead!

We made full use of our two hour time slot, we went round and round the whirlpool multiple times, Josh went down all of the water slides - he even took Charlie down one!

We were all suitably knackered by the end of the day - though I still couldn't get to sleep particularly early! My body was tired but my brain certainly wasn't.

Until next time,
Saph x

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