Monday 10 August 2020

Cromer Woods, Sittingbourne | Photo Diary

As my mother in law (to be, technically. One day.) is now off work for another six weeks, we decided to spend a day out together! She took us to Cromer Woods in Sittingbourne. Charlie and I absolutely love woodland walks, and although it was a little odd to be doing one without Josh, it was lovely to be out!

There were absolutely tons of lovely decorated fairy doors to keep an eye out for! Charlie wasn't especially impressed by them, and gave most of them a cursory glance before running ahead. He was more interested in collecting stones and twigs.

How incredible is this?! Tons of bits of branch cut up, with little mirrors attached to some of them. Definitely the last thing we expected to see attached to a tree but it was fascinating!

We absolutely loved our walk and time out with MIL/Nanny, and it's definitely somewhere I would love to go again! Josh loved our photos from the day too, so I think I've got to take him some time! I want Charlie to paint a fairy door as well so he has one to add to the collection. Might take another visit to the Will You Marry Me Tree as well...

Until next time,
Saph x

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