Friday 14 February 2020

Dear The One | An Open Letter

Dear Josh

Happy Valentine's Day! We've now been together for nine months and two days, and what an amazing nine months they have been.

You are so easy to talk to. I couldn't believe my luck when we started chatting on Tinder, and the conversation flowed so easily. Even now, once we start talking properly we could talk for hours. Unless you're tired, then everything goes straight over your head but that's okay. You work hard, you're allowed to be tired. That's something I love about you. You put 110% into everything you do, especially our relationship. From day one, you've made so much effort to be there for me, make things easier for me and you're so wonderful with my little Charlie. I'm so blessed to have met someone who is such a great role model for my son. Even if he does copy all your stupid noises. But life is better with sound effects, as you say.

I literally cannot explain how much you mean to me. How grateful I am. How much I love you. I feel like every time I try to tell you, the gesture is totally insignificant to how I feel. I feel like I could burst with happiness every time I see you, or even think of you. You're absolutely one in a million and I hope I can continue to make you as happy as you make me.

Love you always,
Your Sammy xxx

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