Monday 6 January 2020

Date Ideas for All Budgets

Josh and I live for our dates. There's nothing better than having a day or night free from Charlie, to reconnect, chill out or just enjoy each others company. Some times we don't even wait until we're without Charlie, as soon as he's in bed we're straight on to doing something fun! We have loads of different ways to date, some cost more than others, and some cost nothing! I thought I'd share our favourite ideas.

Binge watch a TV or film series
We usually pick scary films for our date nights, or shows like The Good Place, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Archer. There's something for everyone on Netflix! Lately we've been enjoying RuPauls Drag Race, after I got Josh hooked on Drag Race UK!

Bake together
This was actually what we did for our third date while we were dating. Sometimes it's a nice little throwback to then and we love trying new things! 

Cinema date

Free entry Museums
We love going to different towns and discovering free entry history museums. Rochester has a lovely one, or Hastings have a shipwreck museum next to the aquarium.

Markets or Bootfairs
Bootfairs in the Summer, Christmas markets/fairs in the Winter. You can either find a bargain or a Christmas gift, win win. 

Country Parks
There's nothing better than a ramble on a nice day. You could even pack a picnic.

Painting or drawing together
When Josh was off work a lot, we decided to give painting a go. We bought some oil paints and brushes from Aldis special buys aisle, and went for a walk down the canal to find somewhere to paint. It's more of a quiet activity to do within the same space, but it may be more fun to actually work on the same piece together! 

Charity Shop Hopping
Josh had never stepped foot into a charity shop before he met me. Now he loves them, and goes into them whenever he gets the chance - especially ones that have furniture.

Play games
We've bought tons of games to play recently. We love chilling out with a glass of wine and a game now. We've recently bought Cluedo, The Mensa test, a new version of Pictionary and a Couple game. They also came in handy for playing at Christmas! Sometimes we take turns in trying to complete a mission on Assassin's Creed.

A few more ideas...we haven't yet done these ones but they're definitely on our list!

DIY Project


Ice Skating

Go out for Dinner
Seems like an obvious one but we haven't actually done this yet! Neither of us really like going out to restaurants, but we've agreed that we have to give it a try one day.

The Penny Date
I found this one on Pinterest! It sounds really fun and we're dying to give it a go. We may end up packing a picnic, just in case we end up in the middle of nowhere. 

Hope you have some ideas for your next date now! What one sounds like your favourite?

Until next time,
Saph x

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