Sunday 31 March 2019

March Round Up

March hasn't exactly been the most fun month of 2019 but it's definitely been the most satisfying so far. I've been working hard towards my goals and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting my shit together!

Learn About Wicca Again
I have a full post coming about this but I have spent the last week reading through my Wicca books, and if you read my review of Wicca, you'll know how inspired I am feeling again! In Harmony's book, she suggests keeping a journal, which is exactly what I've done! I don't have much in it yet, but I feel so much better for actually making a start on my Wicca journey again.

March has been a month chock-full of cleaning, decluttering and tidying. Pretty much every day I have spent some time tackling one area or another of my caravan, to tidy up and get rid of some bits and pieces. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with it too!

My bedroom was easily the worst room for having too much in it, and has been the hardest to tidy/declutter. There's still too much for my liking, but it's definitely starting to look a little better!

I even got the chance to completely rearrange and clean out my kitchen cupboards which was extremely satisfying. One cupboard in particular had been an absolute mess for months because Charlie kept getting in it, but I finally got the chance to tidy it up again and now he (mostly) stays out of it.

Keep a Proper Cleaning/Decluttering Routine 
I haven't quite got the routine down, but I definitely feel like I'm getting there! I have really been able to step up and start cleaning/tidying even while Charlie's awake. Usually I'd wait until nap/bedtime and it was so stressful, but now he's usually happy to either watch a film or play in some water so I can get on.

I tried to decorate! I started with my pinboard, and tried to stick it to my bedroom wall but it kept falling off, and I haven't figured out an alternative yet.

As for Charlie's room, I've decided to wait until I can finish off decluttering in there, and can move the giant box of unwanted goods out of there!

Start Cooking From Scratch 
This hasn't been quite as successful as I hoped, but I definitely feel like I haven't relied on just chucking something in the oven for 20 minutes or so as much this month!

I'm not really setting myself any goals for April, but I do have lots of plans! I want to spend April having lots more fun (hopefully go on lots of dates!), personalise my garden a bit more and start losing weight again. I'm also planning to publish lots more posts this month, as I have plenty drafted up!

What are your plans or goals for April?

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  1. I don't set monthly goals per se myself but your April goals sound nice. I especially like the part about going on lots of dates. I wish I could carve out more time myself to do that.

    All the best

    Segilola Salami
    UK podcaster and blogger