Friday 15 March 2019

Wicca by Harmony Nice

Wicca is something I discovered an interest in when I was around 17/18. Mum made a Wiccan friend, and he took the time to talk to me about Wicca, and even let me borrow some books! Six years later, I still have them.

I poured over these books, taking in as much information as I could and even created my own Book of Shadows. Wicca really helped with my depression, and gave me something else to focus on. In fact, it's even the reason why I started blogging! I wanted to record my journey with Wicca - unfortunately I never actually got round to writing posts specifically about Wicca!

As time went on, I found other priorities and Wicca has since been in the back burner. However, I kept hold of everything I had collected, and even got a pentacle tattoo! Even though it wasn't something I was focused on at the time, I always knew I wanted to go back to it at some point. The only thing I did get rid of was my BoS, as I no longer felt connected to it.

I chose 2019 to be the point I get back to it. I have challenged myself to read/reread all of my Wicca/Witchcraft books by my 24th birthday, and marked March specifically to start reading.

Last year I discovered Wiccan Harmony Nice on YouTube. I can't remember which of her videos I watched, but I stayed subscribed for when I was ready to restart - continue? - my journey. In January  I discovered that she had actually written and published her own ""modern guide to Witchcraft and Magick."  I had to have it  and my darling friend Jess was kind enough to buy it for me! I made it the first Wicca book I read, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Harmony has written the information in such a way that even a complete beginner would understand it. I would highly recommend this as the first book someone gaining an interest in Wicca to read. Although, some readers have complained that there's not enough about the history of Wicca, but I don't personally view that as a bad thing. Plus, it is literally a "modern" guide. Just saying.

 This guide has been written very casually, and Harmony is very open about her mental health issues in the book and how Wicca helped her through it. As I could relate to her so strongly, it made me so much more excited and eager to learn again! Also, this isn't exactly relevant to Wicca but I loved this section in the book:

"Just because someone is skinnier than you or has more instagram followers, that doesn't make them better than you. You are just as relevant and as powerful as they are."

Yaaass, we love a motivational queen!

I found that this book is so much more informative than Wicca books I have read previously. Casting a circle is something I could never get my head around, but Harmony actually included a step-by-step guide of how she personally casts (and closes) a circle. I finally understand how to do it now, and have a guide to hand for when I feel ready to delve into magick and spell work. This is absolutely a book I will refer to over and over again during my Wicca journey  and I am so grateful to Jess for buying it for me.

I definitely feel excited about Wicca again, and am so ready to continue reading. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get round to blogging about this journey like I always intended..?

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