Saturday 3 November 2018

23 While I'm 23

I love bucket lists. As a young teen I would spend hours on Pinterest, adding things to my bucket list, and even had a few notebooks dedicated to it! Of course, most of those things were completely unattainable, and these days, hardly any of those things are on my list. I do still love a bucket list though, and to celebrate turning 23 this week, I decided to make a list of 23 things I want to do, see and accomplish while I'm 23. 

  1. Make a cheesecake 
  2. Read all of my Wicca/Witchy books
  3. Learn how to read Runes
  4. Complete 7 Days of Calm - I installed the Calm app months ago, paid for it, have barely used it since. If I can manage to use it every day for seven days it might just convince me to use it regularly! 
  5. Go to the Vintage Tea Rooms and try the Vegan afternoon tea
  6. Learn how to use my film camera! 
  7. Go to Rumour - Rumour is a fancy looking cafĂ© in town, and it looks pretty instagrammable from the outside, and I'm dying to get inside! 
  8. Complete at least one of Cardigan Jezebels PAD challenges 
  9. Take Charlie to a Pumpkin Patch and do a photoshoot - I'm gutted I didn't think about that this year! 
  10. Create and upload YouTube videos - this is something I've wanted to do since I was 16's about time 
  11. Go to the Rose Street Cottage of Curiosities - a.k.a Sheerness Heritage Centre. I fancy learning a little something about my new home! 
  12. Go to the Swale National Nature Reserve 
  13. Post to Instagram every day for a week (separate from the PAD challenge) 
  14. Eat vegan for a week
  15. Only drink water for a week
  16. Read 100 books (including my wicca books) 
  17. Wear the burgundy blouse - I bought a blouse back in January for a date I never went on, and it's still sat unworn in my wardrobe! 
  18. Do a minimum of one photoshoot per month - even if it's only Charlie I'm photographing, I really want to get back to doing photoshoots! 
  19. Watch Logan - I received Logan on DVD for my 22nd birthday, finally started to watch it this February but kept getting distracted, and haven't watched it since. I'm determined to see the whole thing - in one go! 
  20. Go on a ghost hunt - I don't even care if I don't do this UNTIL my 24th birthday, but I really want to do this for my birthday next year! 
  21. Have a pamper night once a week, every week
  22. Lose 2 stone
  23. Blog about everything on this list! 

Phew! I've got my work cut out! But I think I've picked things that are manageable, and some nice days out planned! I can't wait to get started, and start ticking things off.

What do you want to achieve before your next birthday? Let me know in the comments! 

2 yorum:

  1. Love a good bucket list!! And you should definitely watch Logan it is fab! Who doesnt love hugh jackman ❤

  2. Cheesecake! Have you done that yet? Any vague plans? Because I want to make a pumpkin pie before there's no more pumpkin, so we could sync up.