Thursday 1 November 2018

September Round Up, October Round Up & November Goals

Well, it's been a long two months but I am so happy to finally be back to blogging as normal! Though I've not been able to publish anything until recently, I've certainly spent plenty of time writing and preparing posts, ready for when I had the Internet access to publish them. My blog won't be going quiet anytime soon, I can promise that!

Obviously, I spent September moving into my first home as a single adult, buying lots of pretty - but practical - bits and pieces. Unfortunately, due to moving and Charlie being poorly, my regular exercising I was so looking forward to didn't really happen, so my weight fluctuated a fair bit. I did, however, start keeping a food diary and exercise log, which was very insightful!
On the flip side, moving here was amazing for my TBR pile, and I actually read seven books in September! September wasn't so good for my other hobbies though. I really wanted to start writing short stories or even a novel, but it just didn't happen. I also planned to do some photoshoots with Charlie, but due to his rotten cold and snotty face, I thought it best to give it a miss!

October was so much better for my hobbying! Still no photoshoots, but I did start writing something, and even did some baking!
All year I've seen people get excited about banana bread, and I finally decided to give it a go myself. It took a good 20 minutes longer to bake than the recipe said it would but it was well worth the wait! I even added chocolate chips. I ended up making this twice and it went down a treat both times. I also used the same recipe for another loaf cake, but switched the bananas for strawberries. This wasn't quite as successful, but I enjoyed experimenting!

Reading, of course, was still a priority for me, and I read another 8 books! I love how much reading I've been doing, having the time away from social media has been doing me some good I feel! No comparing myself to others, it's been lovely.

I did actually lose some more weight last month! I'm actually currently weighing in at my lightest for a long time, and though I've still got a long way to go before I'm happy, I'm so proud of myself! Although I am disappointed to say that I'm not vegetarian yet. Though I do keep trying stuff from Icelands vegan range, and I'm particularly impressed by the chilli! I am slowly trying to reduce my meat, fish and dairy consumption though, and if its not breaded or battered I won't buy/cook it! I know its not a great effort, but I'll get there.

In an effort to save money, I bought myself a budget planner (ironic, isn't it?) and spent October trying not to reach my weekly budget, let alone overspend. The first week was a complete fail, and I overspent by a fair bit. The second week was much better though, and I underspent by nearly £10! I've actually been doing so well with my spending, and I'm pretty happy with myself!

It was the Halloween party last weekend, and my sisters, nieces and brother in law came to stay for the weekend, and go to the party. I loved all our costumes, and although the party was a bit naff (plus we left by 11) it was really good to see them all!

I turned 23 on Monday! I had a lovely day, Dave looked after Charlie for me so Mum and I could have a girly day in town. She treated me to lunch, I had a yummy caramel custard donut as a birthday cake and I very nearly went home with a sexy new pair of boots - but I couldn't decide which size to get them in! Sob. When we got back, Dave cooked us a yummy dinner and we enjoyed some wine. It was a lovely, chilled out day and I couldn't have asked for better!

November Goals
Time to get down to the gritty bit. We're now two months away from 2019 and I want to use the time to improve...well, just about everything really! If you remember, my new motto is 'have fun, and get shit done' and I'm remembering that this month. So here we go, my November goals:

Lose Weight
As you may know, I'm aiming to weigh around 11 stone by New Year, so - if I can - I want to lose a stone this month. But I'd be happy with a little less! I want to achieve this by meal planning, and daily exercise of some form. I also need to get back into using my food diary/exercise log, as I kept forgetting to fill it in last month! 

Continue Budgeting
Keeping track of my expenses was so good for me to see what I was spending, and I definitely want to stick to it this month!

Keep Up With My Hobbies
I'd love to get back to the writing I started last month, do more photography, and give vegan baking a go! I spotted some yummy looking recipes on Vegan Babe Life that I really want to try out! American Style Pancakes, come at me.

Complete Cardigan Jezebels PAD
Every month Meggan creates a photo a day challenge for Instagram, and every month I want to give it a go. I have yet to complete one, and this month I'm determined to do it! Follow me on insta to see how I do, and follow Meggan to see her other challenges, and generally amazing grid.

As well as all the above, I also have my 23 While I'm 23 to work on, AND a party to go to! There's an 'End of Season' party here on site next week, and I can't wait to get all glammed up for it.

What are you doing in November? 

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