Friday 14 September 2018

Caravan Life | A Permanent Holiday

I'm not back from Sheppey yet. However, I did have the long, hard think I needed and came to a decision. I've decided to stay in Sheppey, permanently. 

Well, I say I've had a long think about it but it literally took me a day. Although, I guess it took me a little longer than that. Back in August, I asked Mum if I could move in with her temporarily so I could 'sort my head out.' That's why my holiday was going to be three weeks long. Five minutes after being there, I decided. I wanted to stay in Sheppey. 

I was supposed to in the first place; Mum bought her caravan because Charlie and I were meant to be staying too, but I backed out. I regretted it - to a certain extent - almost immediately but I think I needed these last few months without Mum to gain some independence. 

After a couple of days, I went to view a two bedroom caravan...and completely fell in love. I actually saw a few 'signs' within that caravan that made me feel like I'm meant to be here...

Sign #1
The caravan is a 'Richmond'. The street I grew up on and spent the last 22 years of my life living in is also called Richmond! 

Sign #2
The kitchen is completely modern and absolutely stunning. I was honestly dreading how the kitchen would look but this one completely took my breath away, it's beyond perfect for me. 

Sign #3
I've recently really wanted a grey and yellow colour scheme, and before I even viewed it, I decided that's how I would decorate my caravan throughout. Before I'd even stepped into 'my' bedroom, I saw it had grey wallpaper. I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw it! Unfortunately it's not a pattern I would have picked myself but it saves me a job! Also, after another look, I realised the carpets throughout are also light or dark grey, and the curtains in the living room are a lovely light yellow! Fate or fate? I think fate. 

Sign #4 
Before I went to view the caravan, I had a minor panic about what I would do for a dressing table. Lo and behold, when I stepped into the bedroom fully, there it was; a built in dressing table and mirror. Jammy or what?! 

So that was that, my mind was made up. My sister kindly lent me the funds and today, I officially became a home owner. Okay, so it's technically a holiday home, but I currently only have to move off site for eight weeks of the year, so that's home enough for me. 

Thankfully, I don't have to pay any rent until January, and two gas bottles are covered in the price, but now is the time to save like crazy! I'm gutted that I can't really go out and buy all new things (I could have spent a fortune round The Range!) but I really do need to be sensible. I have already got a few bits for my kitchen, but most of the things Mum and Dave bought for me! I also really want to make a proper go of minimalism, so having a budget of zero will help that immensely! Although anything I do actually 'need' I can get from the Poundland ten minutes up the road! 

I'm so excited to start my new life in Sheppey, and I can't wait to see what comes my way from now. I 100% feel like I've done the right thing. 

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