Thursday 2 November 2017

October Recap & November Goals

November already? Damn this year is just flying by, I hate it. October was all fun and games though, not. 
You might recall the goals I set myself for the month; daily blogging, daily instagramming and twice weekly yoga. Yeah, they bombed. To be fair I did only miss one day of blogtober so I am super happy about that, plus I beat last years effort of 24 consecutive days! My instagram challenge was actually way harder than I expected and I think I only posted relevant content maybe 3 times? As for yoga I never got a chance to go to the class, and I couldn't even do 10 minutes in one go at home. So I am no fitter now than I was to start with. 

To be honest, October was a bit of a difficult month. I started counselling, which makes me feel like crap after each session, and my mood has generally been low enough to eat chocolate every day. It's like I've been on my period for a month, it's not good. BUT I'm hoping to turn it around this month, get some more exercise and slow down on the chocolate consumption. Although Costa have announced a Billionaires hot chocolate that I absolutely need to try. 

I might attempt 10 minutes of daily yoga, rather than 30 minutes twice a week this time! I also need to do more walking. 

Drink more water
I definitely need to swap my tea and hot chocolate for water. Last month Gail suggested having a glass of water for every cup of tea I have, and then we'd remind each other to drink water every so often. I definitely did drink more water last month by doing this but I still need to do better.  

I started to read a book last week but I didn't even finish the first chapter. I'm determined to finish the whole thing this month. Plus I want to start reading my Wicca/Witchy books! 

Less chocolate; more fruit 
Even just 'less chocolate' would be good. I usually have chocolate spread on toast every morning but (as I haven't had breakfast yet) I think I'm going to find an alternative today. 

What are your goals for November? 

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