Monday 3 July 2017

2017 Blog Goals

I know, I know, we're over halfway through 2017 and I'm only now creating myself some blog goals. I must be insane. Or, just feeling confident. Nah, definitely insane. Having to create a brand new blog has left me feeling inspired and motivated; whereas before I was never really that fussed about anything. And it's never too late for some goals.

Publish 100 Great Quality Posts
Since creating this blog my content (I feel) has improved dramatically and I hope to continue with this. In the two years I was running my previous blog, I never quite made it to 100 blog posts within a year. Although of course my current posting schedule means I will have posted roughly 70 blog posts by January. Hmm...

Improve Product /Blog Photography
Despite photography being my passion, I suck at product photography/flatlays and I'm determined to change this somehow. If anyone knows of any great blog photography tips send them my way!

Run a Giveaway
I've been saying this for over a year now but I'm determined to run one; and have been slowly but surely collecting items for it! It won't be anything grand or exciting but I'm trying my best not to make it suck - I just wish I had a bigger budget for it!

Before I even started a blog, I'd been wanting to do Youtube (I even have a channel set up) but could never find the courage for it. Right now I'm just trying to make myself vlog on my insta stories. Maybe one day I'll get on Youtube but first I need to build up the courage for instagram. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, because, wtf do I even talk about?!

Work with Minimalist-friendly Brands
I would absolutely love to work with brands and actually make blogging a source of income (I've been doing this since 2014, I feel ready) but I don't want to end up with loads of stuff. Hey, maybe I can add travel blogger to my list - I love a good holiday.

4 yorum:

  1. I love setting goals! You've got some lovely ones here, good luck with them 😊 I love the idea of working with minimalist brands, it's so easy to acquire tons of 'stuff' as a blogger!

    Jess xo

    1. Thank you lovely! I know hahah I see all these blog photos props that so many bloggers have and it's just crazy; where do they keep it all?! Hahah xx

  2. Great achievable goals! I can imagine you being on YouTube! :)

  3. I think middle of the year is as good a time as any to make blog goals! Yours sound v achievable - you go girl!