Monday 19 September 2022

Weekly Budget Recap | 5th-11th September

This is it now, time to get serious! Spending over £300 in three days shook me to my core and really made me want to get my act together more than ever before. I decided to move £1,000 into my savings account (not including it in my savings goal) and then I challenged myself to "live" on the £723.55 I had left in my current account for the rest of the month, obviously aiming to have the majority of it left. 

Please note I had also had a benefits payment of around £550 this month which helped massively! I would have been living off £200 without this.

Monday 5th
I decided to withdraw the £4.50 I had leftover from the £10 I put in my William Hill account, as I hadn't won anything, hadn't bet in over a week and couldn't be bothered! I deleted the app, along with the National Lottery, H&M, New Look and McDonald's. I decided to keep Uber Eats as its useful for groceries when I can't get out! I added the £4.50 to my savings account.
I nearly made it through the day without spending anything, but I decided to treat myself to a few bits from The Body Shop. Haul, anyone? I'm a consultant so I get a good discount on everything, and I spent £41.42.

Tuesday 6th
No spend.

Wednesday 7th
I accidentally-on-purpose made a Boohoo order. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an advert for this sweatshirt.

I immediately had to have it! I was planning on only buying that but I carried on scrolling and ended up with a flannel shirt too, and then I remembered I needed some new bras. What should have been a £13.50 spend (plus delivery) ended up being £92! Thankfully though, they had 25% off and I used a Blue Light discount code and got it all down to £60.71. Still more than I should have spent but I couldn't say no!

I also had to make a top-up ASDA order which is really annoying considering it was only Sunday that I bought stuff! I bought myself some lunches/snacks and dinners for work, toothpaste, and I even treated myself to a flower vase so Josh might get the hint and buy me flowers...I spent £44.90 including a tip for the UE driver.

Thursday 8th
I made a big decision and decided to buy myself a new blog theme - what do you think?! I've been using the same free one for years and I wasn't happy without it anymore. I scrolled through Etsy and found this lovely one for just £5.47! An absolute bargain and I'm really happy with it.

Friday 9th
I had to send £128 to my stepdad for a top secret thing that I will blog about another time! I also spent £67.20 on Chinese for the whole family, including a tip. I'm a bit gutted that nobody chipped in but meh.

Saturday 10th
No spend.

Sunday 11th
No spend.

Total spent £347.70

Overall, not as good as I was hoping to be this week! The only thing I regret spending money on was the Chinese though, so it's nice not having so much guilt over spent money this time. I'm pleased I got three no spend days this week! Hopefully I can do better next week.

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. I dread to think what I'd discover about myself if I did this. Budgeting makes me anxious at the best of times! I honestly need my husband to take over sometimes because it makes me so worried.