Friday 9 September 2022

Weekly Budget Recap | 26th August - 1st September

I started doing a weekly budget round up (for the most part) in July, and it really opened my eyes to how much I spend in a week! It really disgusted me to be honest, so hopefully I can control my spending better this month!

Friday 26th August

Pay day! Time to pay my rent, put some money in my savings and hopefully pay off my credit card. I put £50 each into both savings accounts, sent my MIL £80 for rent. For some reason my credit card would only let me pay off £49.47 of the £204 but a payment is a payment! I probably have to wait a few more days before it catches up with itself.

Saturday 27th
No Spend.

Sunday 28th
Josh convinced me to sign up to William Hill betting as he'd been getting a decent profit on it. I deposited £10 into my account. Only £8.71 came out as I already had £1.29 in my PayPal account. No profit for me so far!

Monday 29th
After a long day of walking, I decided to get us McDonald's for dinner on the way home. I had a 50% off voucher on the app so I only spent £13.07 for three of us! I'm happy with that.

Tuesday 30th
I was starving Tuesday morning at work and couldn't stop thinking about McDonald's hot chocolate so I treated myself to one plus two hash browns and a porridge. I spent another £13.23. I also went to the local farm shop and ended up spending £3.05 on sweets and shortbread biscuits. I shared the biscuits though! I also spent £20.39 on Uber Eats making a grocery delivery so I actually had food for my next couple of shifts this week!

Wednesday 31st
No spend.

Thursday 1st September
That pesky McDonald's got the better of me again! I asked Charlie what he fancied for lunch and he said chicken nuggets from McDonald's. I also paid for my brother-in-law so there's another £22.41 gone on rubbish food! It was worth it though.

Total not including bills & savings: £80.86
Full Total: £310.33

Yikes! I definitely need to chill on the McDonald's next week, especially as I'm actually trying to lose weight as well as trying to save money. I am proud of having two no spend days this week though! That being said, I'd also count pay day as a no spend as I only paid off bills and added money to my savings account!

Until next time,
Saph x

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