Friday 7 July 2017

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 35 & 36

I actually had a really lovely start to week 35! Well, apart from having to visit Dad at the crematorium for Fathers Day but even that wasn't as horrible as I expected it to be. But after that, I managed to drag Ash out of bed and up to Canterbury with me. Ash's Nan had given me the cash for pram at the baby shower, so I was finally going to get the damn thing myself, instead of waiting for Ash to order it. So we went to have another look at it, make sure it was 100% the one we wanted and that it was easy enough to collapse etc. 

It's such a lovely pram, and we finally decided to go for red! So we put the order in and we should have had it for about two weeks by the time you read this! After that we decided to go for lunch in Morrisons cafe. Big mistake, their food is vile. But at least Ash got to have a proper meal before he had to go to work. He also made a fuss of rubbing my bump and feeling Charlie move which was lovely. We don't see each other much and when we do he doesn't always bother with that, so I'm glad he made the effort that day - especially as Charlie was moving lots! 

Once I got home after dropping Ash off; the first thing I did was change into a swimming costume and get into our new pool! It was bloody freezing so I didn't stay in it long! But it's something to look forward to during the day when the sun is still in our garden. I did feel sorry for our pooch though; she was desperate to get in! The cold water soon sorted out my swollen feet as well, so that was a bonus. The only real downside to the day was feeling hotter than I had all day after getting out of the pool, which made me feel sick and I just wanted to sleep. I persevered though, had the fan on all evening and had a few glasses of cold water and I eventually started to feel better. I even manged to have a quick tidy up in my bedroom before bed! 

I got up super early on Monday to help Mum do some cleaning, but it was too hot for me so I went to have a lay down for a bit and the next thing I know: it's 1pm and I'm waking up from a four hour nap. Oops. Then I spent the rest of the day in the pool and watching TV. So not an overly productive day for me. 

Tuesday meant my first meeting with the health visitor. I kept forgetting my words but thankfully Ash was there to help me out and finish off my sentences for me. Could have been a very long, painful experience otherwise. She gave me a booklet and a DVD on breastfeeding, so I should probably take a look at those soon! Then I had an appointment with my midwife and she gave my tummy a good prodding, to work out what position Charlie was in. She confirmed that it is in fact his legs I constantly feel under my ribs, and that is what's causing me to be so uncomfortable and achey for 90% of the day. Thanks Charlie. She then had a listen to his heartbeat but all the prodding caused him to get a bit excited (or nervous I reckon!) 
and his heart to beat reeaallyy fast, and took ages to drop to his resting beat. He still sounds healthy though and everything is fine with me so we're literally just playing the waiting game now! 

The rest of the week was an absolute misery. I'd been feeling so down, and like a failure for my complete lack of income and wishing I'd been much smarter with my money when I had/quit my retail job. I was also fed up with hurting my stomach every single day, even doing perfectly normal things like sitting down. Not to mention back ache. I just can't wait for my body to go back to normal, and be a full time Mum to, hopefully, distract me from money worries. 

Week 36

This last week has been pretty quiet to be honest, just the usual aches, pains and swelling. Charlie got hiccups twice in one night though, that was pretty amusing. 

It's been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster to be honest, from freaking out over the fact that I could be meeting my boy in as little as three weeks, to feeling heartbroken over Ash all over again. He actually bought Charlie a blanket to keep at his this week and it hurt so much that he's actually doing that, that he's accepted that we're not getting back together. I'm trying to accept it but it's still so difficult for me. But it's all my fault anyway.  

Saturday was probably the best day this week; although it started off a bit rocky. Charlie was moving into some really awkward positions, and I ended up with a really sore belly and could barely stand because it felt so heavy. I ended up going for a nap and standing was much more doable by the time I woke up. I managed to get tons of work done, thankfully. I'd been having back pain and cramps on and off all day, which panicked Mum a bit. It eventually got me a bit panicky too but I'm fairly certain that Charlie was just on my nerves, which explains the back pain, but not the cramps. Although at this stage the cramps could be anything.

I had been having really awful heart burn this week too, I actually had to have Rennie two-three times every single night, instead of the usual just the once. Lucky I bought a 72 pack the week before!

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  1. I hope you're doing okay. I remember how funny hiccups were - Dougie still gets them constantly now!
    Hels xx

    1. Much better now thank you lovely! Aw bless him hahah hiccups are so cute when it's not you having them! Xx

  2. Aw I'm sorry to hear about you and Ash, that must be so difficult! I'm glad your appointments with the health visitor and midwife went well, that's good news! It must be so weird having a little one hiccuping away inside you!

    Jess xo

    1. Yeah it's not the easiest of situations but like I said, it's my own stupid fault!
      Thank you! Hahah yeah it's a little strange and I feel a bit sorry for him really but they don't seem to last too long xx

  3. I am 30 weeks pregnant so have all this to look forward to. I feel ya about the feet under the ribs! So uncomfortable. Did not know they get hiccups though?!
    Hope you feel better emotionally. I'm not with the father either so if you need someone to talk to hit me up on Twitter :)

    We already follow each other on there.

    Jaynie Shannon*


    1. Aw bless you, not too long to go! Although it feels like a decade hahah! Oh really?? My Charlie is constantly hiccuping! Although I feel it in my pelvis rather than my stomach now so it feels very odd!
      Thank you Jaynie, that's lovely of you xx