Friday 14 July 2017

Make Your Feet Beautiful Again with SockShop*

As someone who does a lot of walking (pre-pregnancy, anyway) and usually in the wrong kind of shoes, I have pretty much always suffered with hard/dry skin on the heels of my feet. I have tried various heel balms and moisturisers but nothing ever really seemed to fix it. So when I was offered the chance to test out some socks specifically for this problem: I was too intrigued to say no.
You should all know by now that I am rubbish at doing the same thing every day (unless it's scrolling through my various social media) so I was quite excited by the prospect of soft heels just by slipping on a pair of socks! I'll always take the easy route. 

So, how do they work? They have an active nourishing pad on the heel, which holds a Chinese herbal recipe and Nano-silver. This assists the sebaceous gland, sweat glands and skin, which is meant to help revive hard, dry and rough heels. 

When I put them on I noticed that the pad was actually quite cooling on my heels, which was lovely for my pregnancy feet! Although it didn't seem to last very long, which was a shame. I did honestly expect the pad to be wet on the inside but this wasn't the case at all, they are literally just a normal pair of socks with a bit of lining on the heel. Super comfortable though.

They recommend at least 8 hours wear to notice any difference. I can't remember how long I wore them for but it was definitely longer than that; probably more like 12. All I can say is that yep, they definitely assist the sweat glands! I could absolutely see a difference though; you know how it is when you forget to exfoliate in the shower, rub yourself down with your towel and then you're covered in dead skin? Well, that's exactly how my heels looked. They still felt a little dry but there was definitely an immediate result.

A few more wears out of these bad boys and my heels were looking and feeling a million times better. I love these socks and will be wearing them to death in the Autumn/Winter (they're just a little too thick for Summer!) and at £7.99 they are a little pricey for one pair of socks but they really work! And they're effective for at least 300 washes so it works out as much more cost effective than buying creams and moisturisers regularly! They only come in black but they are available for men too.

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  1. I've never heard of anything like this before, but they sound so good, much easier than scrubing at your feet with foot scrub! X

    Alybell | UK Personal Style and Beauty Blog

    1. I hadn't either but they're an absolute life saver! Especially as I can barely get to my feet these days hahah! #pregnancyproblems xx

  2. Me neither but I'm so glad they do! Xx