Wednesday 14 September 2022

Weekly Budget Recap | 2nd-4th September

This one is a little bit different as I've only done three days this time! I was going to do Friday-Friday but I think Monday-Sunday works much better. So this is just a short but shocking recap this time.

Friday 2nd September

I went to the corner shop and spent £14.53 on lunch and snacks for myself and Charlie, then later that night I spent £4 on a prize draw for a small business on Facebook.

Saturday 3rd
I asked Charlie what he wanted for lunch. He suggested McDonald's and me being me, couldn't say no. I ordered it through the McDonald's app and got a big mac and 6 chicken nuggets for free! I spent £11.15 on fries, drinks and delivery.
I also went to the salon that afternoon and spent £15 dry cut, then got gel nails/nail extensions for £30. I absolutely love my nails!

Sunday 4th
Sunday meant shopping for Charlie's school lunches! We went to ASDA and also bought myself and Josh some bits, and I paid for Josh's brothers stuff as well so he could use my discount and I'd get more points on my ASDA rewards. We spent £95 between us after 10% off! Prices are actually vile now. Joe sent me £50 for what he owed me, so our stuff only came to £45 in the end.
I also ended up doing a massive Shein order, for myself and Charlie and spent £207.48. Oops! To be fair, I did get rid of tons of clothes that don't fit me so my wardrobe was looking a little sparse. I also needed to get us both some long sleeved tshirts in preparation for the colder months.

Total spent: £327.79. Wow! Over £300 in three days, that is absolutely shocking. Okay, I think that's it now, the message has finally hit home and I need to stop spending! To be fair, I don't think I'll be ordering clothes for a while...

Until next time,
Saph x

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