Monday 5 September 2022

September Budget

So, I completely forgot to actually keep track of my spending last month - oops! All I know is that I paid my bills, paid for Charlie's school stuff for September and treated myself to new bras I needed desperately needed from Shein. My cash budgeting didn't go so great as I automatically used my card a few times. But the good news is I have some cash left over!

Cash left: £25.18

Money in account: £481.51

I massively overspent last month, wow. I did do a lot of online shopping, including treating myself to some new vans as my other ones got ruined on holiday. I also spent a lot on my credit card, so I'm going to have fun paying that off. I need to take it easy this month!

September Budget

Income: £1,509.93
Money in account: £1,991.44
I predicted my payout to be roughly £1,500 after my pay rise and guessing my contributions. I was hoping for a little more than that though! Still though, £200 more than I usually get is lovely.

Phone: £26.13
Rent: £80
General Savings: £50
Christmas Savings: £50
Credit card: £204.87

Total: £411

I have one birthday at work this month, I usually put in a fiver for each person  - unless I'm closer to them, then I'll get them a present separately. I can't decide which I'll do for this person, I don't really know what I could get them except gin! It is my MIL's birthday and my stepdads birthday early-mid October, so I will probably start thinking about buying for them this month too.

Budget: £100

I'm booked in for a cut and colour this month! I can't remember how much I was quoted but I'm putting aside £150 to cover both appointments. It's a bit annoying having to go twice - once for a cut, once for colour - but I think it'll feel more like a treat this way! I'm tempted to book in to get my nails done again too but I have so many lovely nail polishes at home, I feel like I shouldn't waste them.

I think I'm going to go back to £20 a week on healthy food for September. Josh ordered me diet whey protein stuff last week so I might be living on shakes for September! I want to try and eat more fruit and veggies too and I have a £50 voucher for a supermarket of my choice so hopefully I can be sensible!

Overall budget is £750. Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Wow - you're super organised! I could learn so much from your dedication to tracking your budget (even if you forgot to track at the start of the month lol.) I find it so difficult to keep on top of it all, especially with last minute plans or expenses popping up. Do you use any particular apps or just track manually?

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed post, it's given me motivation to get on top of my finances! :)

    1. Thank you! I track manually, straight into a blog post (on a notes app.) I used to track it in my bullet journal but I'd forget to update it and get confused! I find it much easier to write it as a blog post.
      Ahh you're welcome, good luck! X

  2. I haven't seen people sharing about budgeting and how they are tracking their spending this is such a good idea. I have thought about recording my budget or at least what I am spending. Thank you for sharing. Good luck with your budget!
    Lauren - x

    1. Thank you! I do find it helps as an impulsive spender - I know exactly where my money is going now! I used to forget what I'd spent my money on but now I know exactly where it's going. Doesn't seem to help me spend any less though LOL! X