Monday 1 July 2024

July Goals

Well, June was a bit of a bust. Jury Service was a trip but thankfully only lasted one week instead of two. I ended up pulling away from everyone instead of spending more time with them and was desperately trying to escape reality by spending all my time playing games and scrolling TikTok. Honestly the only thing I did achieve this month was the DIY in the bedroom.

We have just had a lovely weekend though, going to our local Pride festival and then Viking Fest at Betteshanger Park. Pride was a bit tamer than I had hoped but at least I can officially cross it off my bucket list! Josh has promised me we can go to Brighton Pride or somewhere similar another time! Viking Fest was also pretty tame but for £5 a ticket, the entertainment was pretty good and Charlie loved it, so money well spent I'd say!

It's Charlie's birthday this month and I still don't have a clue what we're going to do for it. First he wanted a Harry Potter party (which I was never overly keen on), then he wanted to go to the trampoline park Gravity, and then he wanted a pool party. I honestly just haven't really had the time, money or mental capacity to truly give it any thought and I kind of hate that. Either way, if he wants school friends there, I am running out of time before they break up for summer to get it sorted. Maybe I'll just do a family thing this year.

July Goals

Exercise More

Since finishing my time with dog-sitting, I'm sad to say my exercise has somewhat diminished. I ended up cancelling my gym membership as I've not been since January and honestly don't intend to go. So this month I intend on making use of the weights I have at home, and walking more if the weather permits! It's been far too hot to enjoy walking Maverick lately so neither of us have been getting the desired exercise. I'm not risking either of our health - ironically - for our health. 

Work on my Happiness

I don't really know what that involves. Maybe making more plans, not sitting at home on my phone all day, looking for a new job, generally looking after myself more. I feel like I've had nothing but stress and upset lately so I'd really like a happier month.

What are your goals this month? 

Until next time, 
Saph x

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