Friday 18 December 2020

Diary Entry #12

It was Josh's 23rd birthday last Friday! We weren't able to do anything to celebrate unfortunately, as he had work and then was so shattered he fell asleep on the sofa after opening his presents! He seemed pretty happy with his gifts though. We ordered dinner in, which ended up being two hours late! We were absolutely starving, and Josh went straight to bed after eating. Not the best birthday ever, but he didn't complain, bless him.

I started putting my bullet journal together over the weekend. I know I said I was going to wait until after Christmas but I just couldn't wait anymore! Here's hoping nobody bought me a diary for Christmas...Gail had bought me some stencils for my birthday so my bullet journal is a little fancier than usual! I can't wait for the new year!!

Josh was awarded Carpenter of the Year by his employer this week, and got a little bonus! He decided to use it to buy us a Nintendo Switch! I can finally play Animal Crossing! I'm so proud of him though, he does work really hard. Too hard sometimes!

As of today we have finally finished all of our Christmas shopping. Although I still want to buy a couple more gifts! It never feels like I've bought enough. Christmas and birthdays are so tough when your love language is gift giving, but your budget is smaller than your wish list.

I'm still going strong with my squat challenge, but I have yet to go on another run! Oops. I really need to go for a bike ride too...

Until next time,
Saph x

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