Monday 7 December 2020

Diary Entry #11

We're a week into December and it started so well for me. I have been struggling with my mental health a lot the last few weeks but I am on such a high lately! I'm starting to think it's PMS. It's pretty much towards the end of every month I get like that, like clockwork. I definitely have to take a lot of time for myself when I feel that low.

I'm genuinely surprised how festive I'm feeling! I've got the majority of my Christmas shopping done already, I've watched a few Christmas films and I'm ready to crack out my Christmas jumper! I think we all need a bit of Christmas cheer this year, and I'm accepting it wholeheartedly.

As for my fitness goals, I decided to start a squat challenge and Couch to 5k! I have a friend who runs and she really seems to love it, so she's inspired me to give it a go too. I was supposed to take up running with another friend years ago, we literally went once and never again! Oops. I really like the thought of running again lately so I thought it was time to give it a try. I picked Sarah Millican as my coach, who wouldn't?! I'm due another run today so fingers crossed the weather is suitable!

I decided to do a bit more decluttering last week. I have been decluttering a bit every week for the last few weeks and it feels so good! One day I will achieve minimalism. Maybe I should bring back my minimalism posts?

I also made a start on my Secret Project on Friday. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to do it but I fought through the fear and carried on. I'm feeling quite proud of my progress so far, and I'm excited to see where it goes!

Josh and I have decided we want to get back into playing the PlayStation, and as we only have one controller at the moment, we decided to start playing The Sims 4 again. We created new Sims and a new house yesterday and spent practically all day long playing and taking it in turns. It's really nice having a hobby together again! We both want Assassin's Creed Valhalla too.

It's also Josh's 23rd birthday this Friday and I'm so excited to give him his presents!

Until next time,
Saph x

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