Friday 23 October 2020

Wicca is a Journey

 As I was writing my Samhain post, I kind of realised that my Wicca/Wheel of the Year posts barely even scratch the surface of the history and the meanings behind the Sabbats. I did have a little wobble, and worried that other witches may read my post and think "ugh, what a poser!" However, there is a reason behind the way I've written my posts.

Although I have been learning the ways of Wicca for a good seven or so years, it hasn't been a consecutive seven years. I went through phases of letting other things get in the way of my journey. So I've decided to start completely from scratch.

I have decided to learn the very very basics of the Sabbats first, celebrate in non-ritual ways - which in a way is a ritual - and get used to including Wicca into my life again before I fully throw myself into it. 

I hope that by next year I'll understand more of Goddess/God etc. side of things and be able to blog about them and hopefully other people will learn along with me. 

Wicca is a journey, and I'm in no rush.

Until next time,
Saph x

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