Friday 2 February 2018

The Plan for February

Wow, January seemed to last forever and yet February still snuck up on me! I feel like I've had a million things to do in the last couple of days and yet achieved nothing. But it's time to get my shit together and achieve my goals this month. 

Something I've noticed in the last couple of days is that I always say I'm 'hoping' to do stuff. I'm hoping to start driving lessons this year. I'm hoping to get back to my photography business. I've realised that I need to stop hoping, and start planning. Yes, I believe things happen for a reason, but I also need to start pushing some things along! I'm making a lot of plans this year, and while it's okay if they don't go to plan, I can't wait around hoping they'll happen.

The Goals
Some of my goals for February are to lose weight, stop spending silly amounts of money on things I don't need (maybe even earn some!) and drink a lot more water. 
Don't judge my bullet journal - I haven't finished setting it out yet

The Plan
I'm going to work out a lot more this month. I've already lost 8lbs over the last couple of weeks and I fully intend to keep going! I'm going to be going into more detail in another blog post but I have an app that I absolutely love and need to use more often. I also plan on doing the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living programme which should help with the weight loss! 

If I'm working out more, this obviously means I'm going to be thirsty more, so I need to start drinking more water, rather than whatever tastes better. Also tea, I really need to cut down on the amount of tea that I drink. I'm going to be keeping track of how much water I drink in my bullet journal, with these cute water tracker stickers from notes and clips.

As for spending less money...I don't even know what I spend it on to be honest. Although I do go a bit mad buying clothes for Charlie that he absolutely does not need. I also need to stop going round The Range so much, it's too easy to give them all of my money.

What's your action plan for February? 

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  1. A great plan for February girl! I hope it all goes well for you. <3 I definitely need to drink more water too, and lose some weight! But I'm so bad with motivating myself haha xx