Monday 27 May 2024

Shein Haul

I know I'm going to get judged heavily for shopping from Shein but I just can't help it! High street shops just don't do it for me anymore. As the warmer weather is coming, I wanted some new spring/summer clothes but in my new alt. aesthetic. I'm officially done wearing clothes I don't like! 

Everything listed below is a size 16/XL.

First up is this oversized t-shirt that I absolutely love! I've been eyeing up lots of different "the lovers" style tops but this one is without a doubt my favourite. It's super comfy, the design is beautiful and it's easily my favourite top right now.

I also wanted a loose fitting tracksuit because sometimes I just don't want to be dressy. Admittedly it does feel a bit like I'm out in pyjamas but they're quite thin so despite being black, they're not too hot for warm days!


A little black dress isn't just for going out out! I really wanted some casual day dresses that I can use for every day wear and not feel overdressed. This A-line button front dress is perfect for that.

I also bought a pack of two tank tops. I thought they were going to be looser/longer than they are but I absolutely love them anyway! I wore the black one to a family barbecue and I was so comfortable and felt great. The only problem with them is they are incredibly see-through. I definitely couldn't get away with going bra-less, even in the black one.

I'm really loving the checkerboard print lately so I ordered these half black, half checkerboard leggings! I love them, I can pair them with literally any of my black or white tops. I was hoping they were going to be the normal, soft legging material but unfortunately they are a shiny material. I love them but I'd love them more if they weren't shiny! I do feel great in them regardless.

I also got this cute checkerboard button front dress! It's a bit clingier than I'd like but I still love it, it's so comfortable and great for everyday wear. 

Last but not least, this gorgeous star and moon wrap dress! I find wrap dresses are so flattering on me and I absolutely love the print, I couldn't resist it. I love it but I do think I could have gotten away with sizing down in this.

I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my style and am loving a lot of my clothes now! 

Until next time,
Saph x

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