Friday 24 May 2024

Half Term Activities

Half term has begun and I'm determined to fill it with fun things for little man and I. I thought I'd share a little list of everything we want to get up to over the next week. Unfortunately I do still have to work so he'll be with the childminder for a couple of hours but we can still do fun things in-between!

I've been really feeling the urge to do some baking lately and Charlie loves helping in the kitchen, so we've cheated and bought some cake mix but we're still looking forward to making cakes and cookies!


There's nothing Charlie loves more than going to the park and chucking stones in the sea so we're hoping for some lovely sunny days.


Charlie's been begging to go to the arcade for weeks now so I've promised him a trip to our local arcade that's just a 20 minute walk from home.


We're getting a little bored of Charlie's book selection. I did offer to buy him some more from a charity shop recently but he's chosen to go to the library instead.

Arts & Crafts 

We haven't done anything crafty for ages and we've got tons of arts and crafts bits under my bed, so we'll have to get it all out and see what we fancy doing!

I'm sure we can think of some more activities but those are the main, cheap ideas on the list!

Until next time,

Saph x

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