Friday 10 May 2024

Bedroom Wishlist

For some reason we decided to go for a bright blue in the bedroom when we first moved in. We immediately knew it was a mistake but we carried on regardless and the plan always was to redecorate anyway. Josh's brother made his bedroom black and dark green and I absolutely love it. I find it so calming and peaceful in there so when Josh said I had free range in the bedroom, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Obviously I went straight onto Pinterest for more ideas!

My initial plan was to have our room black and white (mostly black) and have a gothic/witchy vibe but Josh wasn't keen. So we came to a compromise and we're still going to have black but we also found a gorgeous Midnight Navy from B&Q. I'm hoping it's going to be darker in person though.

I've decided to lean away from gothic and go for a more witchy/boho vibe. Obviously a new theme means new bedding and I've found some gorgeous ones from Dunelm that I'd love to get! I also want more plain ones too though as I find patterned ones overwhelm me sometimes.

We actually went to Dunelm recently to pick up a full length mirror and we spotted these side tables that we want for either side of the bed! They're a bit expensive for what they are but we absolutely love it and will definitely be grabbing them at some point.

Now the practical bits are out of the way, onto the cute decorative bits! I really like the idea of having shelves over the bed but as our wardrobe/TV unit has a fair bit of shelving, I don't actually know if we'll need them but how cute are these moon phase shelves from Amazon?!

I also really love these sconces but as we'll be getting proper lamps, I don't know if they're necessary. But how great would some crystal towers look on them?

We both absolutely love this storage rack from Shein, but again, I'm not sure where it would go or how necessary it is. I can totally imagine having it as a mini altar though.

If we end up deciding against the shelving, I think we're going to buy some artwork instead. We have tons of shops local to us that sell artwork from small businesses that would fit the aesthetic we're going for, and I can't wait to start shopping. Honestly, if I could skip the painting and go straight to buying the details, I totally would! 

I definitely want plants in the bedroom. I already have a hosta in the living room that I want to bring upstairs when there's a place for it, and possibly my succulent. But I can definitely feel a trip to the garden centre coming on within the near future. 

We decided to go for brass handles on the wardrobe but so far I've struggled to find brass accessories that aren't random animals. If anyone has some suggestions to tie in more brass I'd love to hear them!

Until next time,
Saph x

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