Wednesday 29 June 2022

June Budget Recap

I have finally been paid again which means it's budget recap time! Didn't this month drag like hell? Spoiler alert; I spent a shocking amount of money this month for someone who is supposed to be saving. 

Credit Card Budget: £100

Well, straight off the bat I failed my credit card budget! I paid for Josh, Charlie and myself to spend the weekend at Legoland. The hotels on the resort were so much more expensive than I anticipated but it seemed like it would be worth it! I put £636 for one nights stay, two days entry to the park and a photo digipass on my credit card. I was a bit scared about having to pay off that much though!

Debit Card Budget: £600

So my original budget for the spa was £60. I was intending to order personalised dressing gowns, and sliders specially for the spa. I was also going to have to pay £20 on the day for us to get in and potentially £10 for a padlock. Well, I decided against the dressing gowns, I bought a pair of black sliders from ASDA for £4 and a padlock for £6. At this point I'd already halved the original budget. Then my friend got a chest infection and I had to cancel the booking. So, no spa for me this month! But I'd only spent £10 towards it so I'm happy about that.

Once again, I got waylaid by takeaways a lot this month and definitely didn't stick to £20 a week. It's been a terrible month for takeaways, I've been having three in as many days a few times this month! I'm confident that the majority of my money went towards takeaways. I don't even want to add it all up.

I mentioned this in my June Budget post but I got my nails done for my cousins wedding! They cost me £35 and it was a good two weeks before they started to look like they needed soaking off and redoing! I'm pretty happy with that, cost-wise. I also spent £31.10 on drinks at the wedding reception. I decided to go back to the salon during my annual leave, and got my nails soaked off and shellac repainted for £25.

Charlie got chicken pox this month so I had to pop down the road to the pharmacy for calamine lotion. Unfortunately calamine lotion is hard to get these days apparently so they suggested Anthisan - which I was buying anyway - and aloe vera gel.  Charlie also spotted a toothbrush he wanted. I spent £12.77 in the pharmacy.

I also got my new tattoo this month! I had to pay £70 on the day, plus £6 for tattoo balm I chose to get.


I decided to go to Go Outdoors, the camping shop, a couple weekends ago. I spent a shocking £107.78! I bought 3 pairs of shorts for the summer, a new rucksack and a cap, and various bits and bobs for our camping trip.

I also ended up in ASDA and bought myself a new top, a playsuit, jumpsuit, loose trousers , shorts and a dress for the summer! To be fair though, I was in desperate need for more summer and work-friendly clothing. I also grabbed a few household bits and spent £82.98 after using my Blue Light discount.

Overall in June I spent £1,562.79 on my debit card. I am honestly absolutely sickened by that! That's literally my wage for June and then some. I haven't even included what I put in my savings in that figure. My closing balance before pay day was £615.05. I am honestly so disappointed in myself and will definitely be doing a big budget overhaul for July! 

Until next time,
Saph x

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