Monday 1 June 2020

June Goals

How typical is it that as soon as I set myself goals to go along with stuff I'd already been doing consecutively, that I immediately stop doing those things?! The main thing I wanted to do; go for a walk every day, I stopped doing. Mainly because it was so damn hot, but even so. The only goal I actually managed to stick with was read one more book. In fact, I actually read two more books. Go me. 

Three days in to the spending ban and I accidentally bought pink hair dye for myself. Alright, so it was less of an accident and more of a heck yeah I'm finally doing it but still. I also went ahead and bought a Kindle. Oops. Definitely a purchase that could have waited but nevermind! Due to my current living situation (that probably won't change any time soon) I just don't have the space for the amount of books I have/want. So I finally made the decision to go paperless. No doubt I will still buy physical books - especially once the charity shops open again - but I figured this was a Good Decision. 

Goals for June

Get healthier
I really want to focus on getting fit and healthy this month, and really make sure I try to put less crap into my body. Less chocolate, more fruit and veg! I'm thinking of either buying or making smoothies more often. I very rarely crave fruit but I absolutely love smoothies, so I'm thinking that will be a more effective way to get a decent amount of fruit and veg in me. Obviously I'm still wanting to get a decent amount of water in me every day, especially now Summer is coming and it's getting haawwwt.

More walking and working out are on the agenda too.

Go on a spending ban (within reason)
I say within reason because obviously I have birthdays and Fathers Day to buy for, friends with small businesses to support, kindle books to buy (I don't want to go overboard though!) and necessities. 
It's mostly the silly purchases like sweets, chocolates, milkshakes etc. I get every few days. This one mostly goes hand-in-hand with the getting healthier goal.

Celebrate Litha
The fourth Sabbat of the year and the third one I plan to celebrate! I'm loving celebrating the Sabbats this year, and I can't wait to learn about Litha. 

Blog more
I've been really lacking on the blogging front lately, and I really want to try and blog more this month, and not just diary entries. I already have some noted down and planned out, so fingers crossed the inspiration keeps coming! 

What's your main goal for June? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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