Friday 13 April 2018

Slow Living & Single Tasking

In my Hello April post I briefly spoke about how I want to try slow living/single tasking. Slow living is essentially taking time to slow down, relax and appreciate where you are in life. It's also described as single tasking, which I shouldn't really need to explain. You know, the opposite of multi-tasking? 

I don't really have the time to slow down as much as I would like. I'm a full time Mum, a blogger, social media addict, and Arbonne consultant. I tend to try and do all of these things at once and it usually doesn't work out very well. Especially as I usually pick social media over everything. Whether I have spare time or not, you can pretty much always catch me on my phone. 

The first day during my weekend alone with Charlie, I made a real effort to not be on my phone too much. If he was awake, I left my phone alone. Well, mostly. I did post to my instagram story a few times but I didn't sit and scroll through anything like I usually would. You know what? It was wonderful. We had the best day together and it was because I wasn't constantly distracted by my phone. 

So from now on, I plan to choose everything else over my phone. I'm going to check it less, update social media less, and make a conscious effort to concentrate on one thing at a time. I need to sort out my priorities, and my phone is now the bottom of the list.

If you also get caught up in multi tasking, here are some ideas to get you started on living simpler and slower. 

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